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Our custom clubs are better quality, have more options and cost less than Callaway, Taylormade and Nike clubs.

Custom fitting golf clubs has literally become a science. The club length, shaft type, shaft flex, shaft weight, grip and grip size are essential in providing any level or golfer (expert to beginner) with the correct equipment to enjoy the game and to enhance their ability. Read More

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Classic Persimmon Woods custom built by Condor Golf

• Solid USA Persimmon
• Loft Angles: 11° Driver, 13° #2, 16° #3, 18° #4, 21° #5
• Classic Pear Shape
• 190cc Head Size Driver
• Red cycolac Face Insert
• Aluminum Sole Plate on Driver
• Brass Sole Plate on Fairway Woods
• Hand-whipped Neck
• Beautiful Mahogany Finish
• Available in Right Hand or Left Hand

Condor Golf Gold Plated Putter

Classic Cavity Back, Putter with 24kt Gold Plating.

• Free personalization
• Great Gift!
• Hickory shaft, Black Shaft or Gold Plated Shaft
• Wrap-style Putter Grip.
• Free Putter Cover