Wishon Sterling Single Length Irons are by far the easiest swinging iron clubs of any set of clubs in all of golf, PERIOD!

We make it so easy to have your clubs precisely fit your golf skills and physical stature!


If you want to hit 14 out of 14 fairways, Thriver or Thriver Mini is the driving club for you!

Stop by and try out the Thriver demo driver

Golf Club companies (Callaway, Taylormade, Nike, Ping) advertise and promote long drives by using their clubs. They want you to swing fast with their extra long drivers (45" + length). The problem is that in order for these clubs to perform as advertised, there must be a much higher skill level on the part of the golfer which ninety percent of all golfers do NOT possess. So the result is miss hit shots on most every drive. On very rare occasions, this level of player might actually hit the ball in the center of the face with absolute perfect timing and rhythm and the ball will fly a long distance straight. Then the player will be convinced that he (or she) can do this everytime. Sorry, but it doesn't work that way. Most of the round is spent hitting second shots out of the rough, fishing the ball out of lake or spotting the ball on the other side of the golf course property fence.

Don't fall victim to this scheme. Get a driving club that you can hit in your own fairway ALL the time. Get a club that will lower your score. Get the Thriver or the Thriver Mini. There is NO OTHER DRIVING CLUB IN THE GOLF INDUSTRY LIKE THE THRIVER OR THRIVER MINI.

  • XS Thriver has a full 460cc driver profile while Thriver Mini has a smaller 221cc profile
  • Both clubs weigh 210 grams (same as a 3-wood)
  • Club length for both clubs: 43 1/2" (easier to hit)
  • Both clubs have a slightly higher loft angle (easier to hit straight)

New Golf Shafts

Having a new shaft installed on a club is done for a couple of reasons. The existing shaft might be bent or broken in which case you definitely need a new shaft installed.


Another possibility is that the shaft is not the best possible fit for you, such as an extra stiff shaft when you need a shaft that is more flexible. Or the shaft shaft weight is too heavy for you to swing. Shaft flex and shaft weight are only two examples of needing to replace an existing shaft.

There are literally hundreds of different golf shafts on the market, but only a small number will actually properly fit each golfer. So how do you know what shaft is best? Well, that is our job to research and provide the information so that you can get the best possible fit for the least amount of money. Golf shaft fitting is probably the one area that has utilized the most scientific data over the past 40 years. Below is a sample of what we look at to determine the best shaft.

This information is done on most every after market golf shaft made. So when you break a shaft on your favorite club, we can look at the best fit compared to the proprietary shaft that was in your club. Contact us if you need your shaft replaced and we'll be happy to research it and find the best fit.


What are "Custom Golf Clubs?"

Custom golf clubs are individually fitted for each golfer after measurements are provided about the player's swing and stature. No two people are the same in stature or ability, so why should they buy clubs that are "ready made" from standard specifications. Fitted golf clubs are much better for higher scoring players, beginners or recreational golfers because they can offer built-in assistance to help the player hit higher, longer and straighter shots than "ready made" clubs.

Other online sites give you choices of length, shaft flex and grip size. That only works if you already know what your club specifications are supposed to be. Unfortunately, most golfers don't know what shaft, head or grip they should be using. That is why we do the work of fitting for you based on answers you  provide about yourself and your swing. Once we have that information, we can build the most precise club for you. If you ever have any questions about our fitting, please feel free to email or call us and we'll be happy to explain everything about your club fitting.

As a family owned golf business for the past 40 years, Condor Golf provides the very best customer service - service that you won't get from big box, muti-national chain stores, GUARANTEED.