Condor Golf builds custom golf clubs for all skill levels, however we do specialize in custom fit clubs for mid to higher scoring golfers. This group will experience much more enjoyment using game improvement clubs that are fit and built to their game by making it easier to control the distance and accuracy of each shot. Yes, hitting longer drives and fairway shots are fun but ACCURACY is always the key to lower scores and more enjoyment on the course.

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Condor Golf Custom Club Fitting

This fitting form is designed for golfers unsure what golf clubs they should buy. Once the form is submitted, we will evaluate your answers and contact you with our best possible custom club recommendation for the lowest price. There is no charge for this service. To achieve the best club fitting, we ask that your answers be completely honest. More....

Featured Products

EZ Loader Magnetic Club Cover
EZ Loader Magnetic Headcover

Magnetized back flap that allows for easy access - Just lift the flap and insert your club

Interchangeable Number System to accommodate most clubs

React Sand Wedge looking down at address position
React Sand Wedge

Amazing Game Improvement Wedge

The extremely wide sole width allows the club to glide through grass or sand without digging into the ground. Eliminate those "chunked" pitch shots, the bladed chip shots and multiple shots out of a sand trap.

Snell Get Sum Golf Balls
Snell Get Sum Golf Balls

Better than Pro V1 Balls at half the price

The large, soft low compression core again allows for the ball to have very low spin rates which increases distance and helps ELIMINATE SLICES AND HOOKS

Wishon Sterling Single Length Irons
Wishon Sterling Single Length Irons

Quality Built in USA

Single length construction ensures all possible elements of swing feel are identical for each club in the set – same MOI, same total weight, same headweight, same balance point – to offer the chance for improved shot consistency.

What are "Custom Golf Clubs?"

Custom golf clubs are individually fitted for each golfer after measurements are provided about the player's swing and stature. No two people are the same in stature or ability, so why should they buy clubs that are "ready made" from standard specifications. Fitted golf clubs are much better for higher scoring players, beginners or recreational golfers because they can offer built-in assistance to help the player hit higher, longer and straighter shots than "ready made" clubs.

Other online sites give you choices of length, shaft flex and grip size. That only works if you already know what your club specifications are supposed to be. Unfortunately, most golfers don't know what shaft, head or grip they should be using. That is why we do the work of fitting for you based on answers you  provide about yourself and your swing. Once we have that information, we can build the most precise club for you. If you ever have any questions about our fitting, please feel free to email or call us and we'll be happy to explain everything about your club fitting.

As a family owned golf business for the past 40 years, Condor Golf provides the very best customer service - service that you won't get from big box, muti-national chain stores, GUARANTEED.

FAQ about Custom Clubs

1. What club length produces the longest and straightest shots?

Proper club length is based on wrist-to-floor measurement, height and most importantly, ability. Condor Golf asks these questions on every custom golf club we make. Off-the-rack clubs are only available in one length which is normally much too long for the average golfer to use effectively.

2. What shaft (brand or model) is best for your swing?

Condor Golf offers multiple shafts that provide true game improvement to your golf ability. We fit the correct shaft to your swing based on your answers in the custom club survey.

3. What grip (brand or texture) feels good in your hands?

Condor Golf gives you multiple choices of grips ranging from a soft, very tacky feel to a very firm feel that will last longer.

4. What grip size fits your hands?

Condor Golf offers various sizes from womens standard (mens undersize) to mens x-large (+ 1/16" oversize) to enhance your game improvement at no extra charge.

Most golfers slice or fade their tee shots using a conventional driver

The best way to fight the dreaded slice (or fade) is by using an "offset" driver. The offset hosel pushes the center of gravity 41% further behind the shaft’s axis. Why does this help? The further behind the center of gravity, the greater the tendency to close the face at impact, thus reducing the likelihood of an open face. Besides the offset feature, the XV "Slice Correction" Driver by Condor Golf also features a 2° hook face angle which helps eliminate slicing. One other factor is the loft angle...XV Slice Correction is built with either a 10.5° or 12° loft angle. The more loft, the less chance of putting slice spin on the ball.

When building a custom XS or XV Slice Correction Driver, we also consider the club length that is best suited to reduce a slice. Many name brand drivers (Callaway, Taylormade, NIKE) make their drivers over 45" in length. We want to keep our "No Slice" driver shorter than 45" so that the golfer has more control over the tee shot.