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Instead of spending $400 - $1000 on a whole set of clubs, order 1 club to see how well it feels. In fact, we encourage the purchase of 1 club rather a complete set of clubs.

Buying 1 Metalwood, Hybrid or Iron gives the consumer an opportunity to try out Condor custom fit clubs at a fraction of the cost of a whole set. Once you see how well the club performs, come back to our site and buy another metalwood or iron!

All Condor Golf metalwoods, hybrids and irons are hand made to fit each person for length, shaft, grip, grip size and shaft flex.

This is the correct way to purchase golf equipment!

Condor Golf Game Improvement Clubs

From a recent customer:

I never knew that measuring for a driver was so technical but I have attached the requested information. Thanks for making the time available to assist me and hopefully match me up with the suitable metalwood.


Acer / Dynacraft

Since 1980, Hireko / Dynacraft have provided golfers with game improvement metalwoods, hybrids and irons as well as technical support and value in the golf industry. Many years of expertise have produced over a dozen nationally recognized publications and the Dynamic Shaft Fitting Index remains the dominant testing concept in shaft technology.

Condor Golf, in partnership with Hireko, helps in finding the best golf products to make the game more enjoyable.

Courtesy of Hireko Golf


Wishon Golf

With more than 35 years of experience in the field, Tom Wishon Golf Technology is recognized as one of the industry leaders in the research of golf club design (metalwoods, hybrids and irons), performance and clubfitting technology.  Our R&D has been at the forefront of the golf industry including the development of more than 50 golf club design technology firsts as well as countless discoveries in the science of golf club performance for golfers.

Condor Golf partners with Wishon Golf for the finest custom game improvement clubs.

Courtesy of Tom Wishon Golf


Alpha Golf

Alpha Golf is all about performance-based club designs.  What this means is innovation and engineering for the sole purpose of enhancing your performance on the course. In the case of golf club design, simple truly is better.  

With Alpha golf clubs,  each one is built to enhance and optimize distance, playability, accuracy, and feel.  

Condor Golf has a close affiliation with Alpha Golf to supply the finest game improvement golf clubs.

Courtesy of Alpha Golf


Club Length

The large "name brand" manufacturers make their metalwoods too long for 95% of golfers. Their drivers are made 45½" to 46½" where as the average driving club used by Tour Professionals is 44½".

So why is this done? Because, companies advertise that the longer the length is, the longer you will hit the ball. Except it only works when you have smooth tempo, a consistent square swing path, a LATE RELEASE OF YOUR WRIST-COCK ANGLE (notice it is capitalized...must be important), good swing timing / rhythm.

If this isn't you, it's not going to work. The best advice is to hit a shorter #1 Metalwood, 43.5" to 44.5" (unless your physical stature dictates a longer length). With the new XV line of metalwoods for high scoring golfers, we have the ability to get the shorter length without sacrificing club head weight which is essential for accuracy. Don't believe Callaway or Taylormade when the advertise that distance is more important than accuracy.

Club Loft

Most golfers believe that they need a low lofted driver to hit longer drives. High scoring golfers need higher a loft angle on their clubs. For real game improvement, the loft should be determined by driving distance.

If you are a beginner, high scoring golfer or occasional golfer, select the highest loft available.

Golfers who......

Drive 260 + yards could use a 9.5°

Drive 230 - 260 yards should use a 10.5°

Drive 160 - 230 yards should use a 12°

Drive less than 160 yards must use a 14°

Grip Size

At Condor Golf, custom fitting the grip size is vital to game improvement because it plays a significant role in a golfers' ability to control the club.

A larger grip (anything larger than standard) would benefit a player who:

Has large hands
Consistently draws or hooks the ball
Has arthritis (or any other hand problem) or struggles to hold a standard grip
Has fingers that wrap around the grip and dig into the palm

A smaller grip (anything smaller than standard) would benefit a player who:

Has small hands
Consistently slices or fades the ball
Has fingers that do not fully encircle the grip