XV Drivers, Fairway Metals, Hybrids are the best game improvement, custom fit golf clubs that will achieve maximum accuracy for all golfers. Stop at Condor Golf to try the XV demo drivers.

Fujikura EXS Graphite are an all new design for 2015 that employs a more scientific approach to produce the ideal shaft. Consisting of three unique shaft spectrums, EXS can be matched to every golfer's swing type that will provide real game improvement.

PURE Grips are a consistently tacky, all-weather line of game improvement grips. They combine everything golfers want in a grip: superior feel, comfort, exceptional durability.

New XV DriversNew Prophet MB Forged Carbon Steel IronsNew Prophet CB Irons with FlexfacePURE Grips, Fujikura Shafts on Condor Golf clubs


Bandit Illegal Golf Balls
Bandit 'Illegal' Golf Balls (12 Balls)

Only Illegal Long Distance Balls | Patented dimple pattern provides perfect aerodynamics and a much lower spin rate. While other golf balls reach their apex and begin to descend, the Bandit “Maximum Distance” golf ball HANGS IN THE AIR LONGER and descends at a shallower angle.

As low as $19.95
Obsession Womens Irons
Obsession Womens Irons

Game Improvement Irons for Women - The pink, silver and black emblem in the cavity stands out as a quality club that will produce years of enjoyment. Plus genuine Swarovski crystals are embedded into the club head.

As low as $33.95
Thriver Driving Club
Thriver Driving Club

Three Wood + Driver = Thriver or the best of both worlds when it comes to these two heads. Thriver weighs 10 grams more than a normal driver to allow for a shorter (1"), more controllable length. Plus that extra 10 grams of weight produces more accuracy on tee shots.

Juggernaut Slice Correction Driver
Juggernaut "Slice Correction" Illegal Driver

Juggernaut "Slice Correction" produces more accuracy off the tee due to the offset neck that launches the ball straight because the impact happens closer to the center of the club face with less side spin.

Womens High Loft Fairway Woods
Womens High Loft Fairway Woods

Women golfers will have an easier time hitting these High Loft Woods rather than hybrids or conventional irons. The lower profile makes getting each shot in the air effortless. Keep the control and accuracy of your mid to short fairway shots all the while gaining enviable distance.

Condor Golf 12-Piece Economy Set
Condor Golf 12-Piece Economy Set

Where can you buy a top quality set of game improvement golf clubs with graphite shaft (including 100% titanium driver) for less than $500? Set includes a titanium driver, 2 fairway metals, 2 hybrids, 6 irons plus an 8" diameter stand bag. Free Shipping!

Set of 4 XF Metalwoods with graphite shaft
XF Metalwood Set

Consists of 4 game improvement XF Metalwoods featuring a titanium 460cc driver with cup face technology and 3 matching stainless steel fairway woods all with graphite shafts to help hit longer, straighter shots.

XF Slice Correction Metalwood Set
XF Slice Correction Metalwood Set

Set of 3 slice correction metalwoods featuring a titanium 460cc driver with cup face technology, 11mm offset and 2° Hook faces to straighten drives and long shots from the fairway.


What Customers Said

Noreen from Phoenix,

The clubs were so much fun to use!  I hit the ball in the center every time. Winner!


John from Phoenix,

He is a club fitter as well as a club maker.

Joseph from Phoenix,

I purchased the "Brassy" Warp Speed driver/wood, and couldn't be more pleased. The quality of the club is PHENOMINAL....the customer service is second to none. I love this club, it has DEFINITELY improved my game. I will purchase more clubs.

Joel from Phoenix,

As usual, the work that was just done on my clubs was over and above what others call "customized". Great service, great product, great prices.

Grip Size

One of the least scrutinized factors in golf clubs is the grip size. Large manufacturers build stock clubs that have only one size grip, mens standard (or womens standard). The problem is that the grip is the only part of the club that golfers actually have some physical contact with. It is the only link to the club. For this reason, Condor Golf considers it be one of the biggest factors in any purchase of golf clubs (either off the rack standard clubs or completely custom fit clubs).

Even though 2 golfers might be the same height / build, their hand size is generally different plus they probably don't hold the club the same way (which makes a difference). Ninety-nine out of a hundred golfers have grips that are not suited to their hand size. I constantly see high scoring golfers on the course or in my store whose grips are so small in diameter, it's a wonder they can even hold on to the club. Once a club is regripped with a new larger size, the golfer is amazed that such a factor can be so important.

Let Condor Golf properly size the grips to the way you hold onto the club. Watch shots have more accuracy and improve score.

Free Golf Tip

Many golfers get into their address position by aligning the ball in the middle of the clubface believing that this will help them make contact with the ball in that same spot. Unfortunately, during the course of the golf swing, a high scoring golfer will alter either their body position or their hand position. In 99 out of 100 cases, the golfer will hit the ball on the far end (toe) of the club face which will cause directional problems plus loss of distance. I see this all the time when a player brings clubs in for repair. All the wear on the club face is out on the toe with very little if any visible wear in the center or inside (heel) of the face.

A very simple solution to this problem is to align the ball on the inside (heel) portion of the club face before starting the swing. Then as you make the swing, the chances of more solid shots from the center of the face are greater. Even PGA Tour professionals do this same technique even though their ability is much better than high scoring players. This lesson should be used on ALL clubs (metalwoods, hybrids, irons, putter). This will give true game improvement performance plus more solid shots even though no other changes were made to the golf swing.

FAQ about Custom Clubs

1. What club length produces the longest, straightest shots for high scoring golfers?

Off-the-rack clubs are only available in one length which is normally much too long for the average golfer to use effectively. Proper club length is based on wrist-to-floor measurement, height, ability.

2. What shaft (brand or model) is best?

Off-the-rack clubs provide no choice...it's whatever the manufacturer installs in the club. Condor Golf offers multiple shafts that provide true game improvement to your golf ability. We fit the correct shaft to high scoring golfers based on the answers in the custom club survey.

3. What grip (brand or texture) feels good?

Off-the-rack clubs have no options for grips...it's whatever comes with the club. Condor Golf gives multiple choices of grips with feel ranging from soft, tacky feel to firm feel.

4. What grip size should be used for high scoring golfers?

Off-the-rack clubs come with mens (or womens) standard size grips. For a different size, you'll have to pay extra (if the seller even provides that service). Condor Golf offers various sizes from womens standard (mens undersize) to mens x-large (+ 1/16" oversize) to enhance your game improvement at no extra charge.