Custom golf clubs assembled at Condor Golf

Custom clubs from Condor Golf are designed for improved accuracy for high scoring golfers. Here is a fact – nearly half of all golfers will fail to break 100 for 18 holes.  For those of average to above average strength, they will likely miss every single fairway.

Drives that fly 200 yards out and take a hard turn left or right by 40 yards does not count as a 240 drive either!

Not only did that player lose potential distance, the ball might land in a hazard or on the next shot, you may have to try to hit around another obstacle.

Featured Products

Classic Persimmon Woods
Classic Persimmon Woods by Condor Golf

One of the most beautiful pieces of solid wood you will ever see. These hand made Persimmon Woods are the same type of golf club that were used from the early 1900's until the mid 1980's. More than 100 steps go into manufacturing these clubs. Every detail and specification is done with expert precision. The head is finished in a rich mahogany stain with a red cycolac face insert.

Condor High Loft Utility Club
Condor High Loft Utility Custom Clubs

Hit Higher Shots Closer to the Flagstick. High Loft Utility Clubs hit longer distance than mid to short irons. The lower profile makes getting each shot in the air effortless. Keep the control and accuracy of your mid to short fairway shots all the while gaining enviable distance. And because these Utility Clubs have a wide sole, they are easier to hit. Your fairway shots will land softly on the green.

Prophet CB Irons
Prophet CB Custom Irons

2 clubs longer using Prophet CB Irons with Flexface a thin, special vacuum heat treated high-strength forged 17-4 stainless steel face. The thinner face not only increases ball speed coming off the face, but also allows for improved weight distribution for an ultra-low and deep center of gravity resulting in longer and straighter shots.

Prophet MB Forged Irons
Prophet MB Forged Custom Irons

Prophet MB introduces a thinner face and extreme ball speeds. This new, thinner face is reinforced by a incredibly strong cavity which places weight to the extreme corners of the club head for maximum forgiveness along with increased distance. A clean, sleek design with new technology delivers an iron that looks and plays like nothing before.

Thriver Driver
Thriver Custom Driving Club

Combine the terms Three Wood + Driver you get Thriver or the best of both worlds when it comes to these two heads. Thriver has the modern deep face that is 3 x the size of a typical #3 wood plus it has a thin face for more distance. The XS Thriver weighs a full 10g more than a normal driver to allow for a shorter length that now has the proper amount of weight in your hands.

XS Gold Slice Correction Driver
XS Gold Slice Correction Custom Driver

XS Gold "Slice Correction" has a generous offset hosel and interior weight position which helps square up the clubface without having to use a severely hooked face angle. This produces a more powerful, penetrating ball flight for those that typically push, fade or slice the ball from the tee. It is available in either 10.5° or 12° loft angle. Finished with a durable black PVD finish with a gold paint on the crown.


Club Loft

Most golfers believe that they need a low lofted driver to hit longer drives. At Condor Golf, we believe that loft angle on a custom driver should be determined by the golfer's club swing speed plus the golfer's ability to hit the ball somewhere on the face consistently (not just one out of seven hits). The average male golfer swings 87 mph while the average female golfer swings at 65 mph.

Having a custom fit loft angle will produce the longest, straightest hits.

Beginners or recreational golfers should select the highest loft available.

Golfers that swing less than 80 mph should not hit any driver less than 14°.

Golfers who swing less than 90 mph should not hit any driver less than 12°.

One more fact about driver loft, clubs that are described or sold as "Adjustable" can NOT be adjusted for loft angle. Loft angle is independent of any other specification which can NEVER be changed. The only specs that CAN be adjusted are face angle or lie angle.

So if a salesperson or golf pro tells you that the loft angle is adjustable, they are not telling the truth!

Shaft Flex

Swing speed is only the beginning of the shaft fitting process. If the shaft fitting is done properly to incorporate all the other swing elements which dictate the correct shaft, a shaft that is quite different from what you originally thought will be selected. First off, the flex letter code printed on your shaft means nothing; second the shaft does not act like a buggy whip to slingshot the ball down the fairway. So, if the flex of the shaft does not slingshot the ball down the fairway, what does it do?

What looks like a buggy whip effect is not caused by the shaft at all. It’s caused when the golfer releases his wrist-cock angle during the downswing. That’s when the shaft’s stiffness or flexibility does its work.

The purpose of a shaft’s total flex design is to work in conjunction with your downswing force, your wrist-cock release (along with the clubhead loft, the club head center of gravity, and whether you swing up, level or down at the ball) to determine the final launch angle, trajectory and backspin of your shot.

To really get the proper shaft (and shaft flex) for your clubs you also need to consider how smoothly or forcefully  the transition from the end of the backswing to the start of the downswing, how aggressive or smooth your downswing tempo is, when you unhinge your wrist cock angle and how consistently you do each of the above.

Custom fitting the shaft to each golfer is one of the most important goals at Condor Golf. Using technology, we can put each golfer into the correct shaft so that they can get better game improvement for lower scores.