Condor Golf is the only ecommerce site that offers a comprehensive custom fitting.

Condor Golf does the custom fitting for you. You don't have to know what type of shaft, shaft flex, grip size, weight, club length because we do it for you. Just provide information about yourself and your golf game. Our club fitting survey is the absolute best at giving us an honest, all-inclusive look at how you play golf which translates into putting the perfect club (or clubs) in your hands.

Condor Golf is the only site where you can buy just 1 club. Other sites sell a minimum of 5 or 6 irons. Try one club before buying the rest of the clubs.

Condor Golf offers many different styles of clubs. Our primary focus is on mid to higher scoring golfers because they generally need more assistance than low scoring players.

We are not a "discount store," but we have fantastic low prices on our game improvement custom clubs. And we guarantee the best customer service experience because that's what you deserve PLUS Free ground shipping in the continental USA.

Condor Custom Clubs

Condor High Loft Utility Club
Condor High Loft Fairway Metals

The lower profile of the head makes getting each shot in the air effortless plus they are impossible to shank. Start with the #7 or #9 Fairway Metal and see how easy these clubs are to hit. Hitting these Fairway Metals is like finding a whole new game...easy shots and lower scores. Keep the control and accuracy of your mid to short fairway shots all the while gaining additional distance.

Thriver Mini Fairway Driver at address
XV Thriver Mini Fairway / Driver

Thriver Mini Fairway / Driver (13° Loft Angle) for golfers wanting ultimate control off the tee with straighter shots plus optimum launch flight which will lead to longer distance.
Made of 100% titanium with cup face technology and a Power Chamber sole for greater energy transfer, this club is 30% LARGER than your normal 3-Wood but has the same face height as your 3-Wood!

Thriver Driver
Thriver Ultimate Game Improvement Driver

If you combine the terms Three Wood + Driver you get Thriver....or the best of both worlds when it comes to these two heads. Think about it, the modern deep face driver is approximately 3 times the size of a typical #3 wood creating a much higher moment of inertia making it in theory much more forgiving. Plus you have the large confidence building, thin face with the high COR right up to the legal limit for more distance. On the other hand, your #3-wood is more lofted and cuts down on some of the slice or hook spin plus shorter to enable you to have more control.


Club Length

Callaway, Taylormade, Ping state that 45" to 46½" driver club length is "standard," which is much too long for 95% of all golfers.

So why is this done? Because, companies advertise that the longer the length is, the more distance you will hit the ball. Except it only works when you have smooth tempo, a consistent square swing path, ball contact is made before the club hits the ground, good swing timing / rhythm.

If this isn't you, it's not going to work. The best advice is to hit a shorter driving club, 43.5" to 44.5" (unless your physical stature dictates a longer length). With the new XV line of metalwoods for high scoring golfers, we have the ability to get the shorter length without sacrificing club head weight which is essential for accuracy. Forty years of building custom clubs has taught us to know what is the best length for mid to higher scoring golfers.

Club Loft

Most golfers believe that they need a low lofted driver to hit longer drives which is completely untrue.

Forty years of experience has taught us that the loft should be determined by driving distance.

If you are a beginner, high scoring golfer or occasional golfer, select the highest loft available.

Golfers who......

Drive 260 + yards could use a 9.5°

Drive 230 - 260 yards should use a 10.5°

Drive 160 - 230 yards should use a 12°

Drive less than 160 yards must use a 14°

2 Re-gripping Specials

Golf Pride Special

Golf Pride grips (CP2 Tour, Tour Velvet) at 20% off our normal grip price.

Golf Pride CP2 Grip

Golf Pride Tour Velvet


PURE Grip Special


One new PURE Grip golf grip FREE



Grip Size

At Condor Golf, selecting the grip size is vital to game improvement because it plays a significant role in a golfers' ability to control the club.

A larger grip (anything larger than standard) would benefit a player who:

Has large hands
Consistently draws or hooks the ball
Has arthritis (or any other hand problem) or struggles to hold a standard grip
Has fingers that wrap around the grip and dig into the palm

A smaller grip (anything smaller than standard) would benefit a player who:

Has small hands
Consistently slices or fades the ball
Has fingers that do not fully encircle the grip

What is the best golf ball (and least expensive golf ball)?

For the past 40 years I have been asked this question by thousands of golfers. Their have been significant improvements in both quality and consistency of balls during that time. However, the golf ball manufacturers have significantly raised prices during this period. They raise prices because they pay professionals to play with their product and they give away hundreds of thousands of balls for free. Someone has to pay for those free golf balls!

But now there is a new company called SNELL Golf. Dean Snell developed most of the top pro-line balls in golf for Titleist and Taylormade.

His new company sells the absolute finest golf balls at prices so low, you can't afford not to buy them.

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