XV Drivers, Fairway Metals, Hybrids are the best game improvement, custom fit golf clubs that will achieve maximum accuracy for all golfers. Stop at Condor Golf to try the XV demo drivers.

Fujikura EXS Graphite are an all new design for 2015 that employs a more scientific approach to produce the ideal shaft. Consisting of three unique shaft spectrums, EXS can be matched to every golfer's swing type that will provide real game improvement.

PURE Grips are a consistently tacky, all-weather line of game improvement grips. They combine everything golfers want in a grip: superior feel, comfort, exceptional durability.

XV Drivers - Under $195XV Mini ThriverProphet MB Forged Irons - Under $100Prophet CB Irons - Under $50

Featured Products

Condor High Loft Utility Club
Condor High Loft Utility Custom Clubs

Game Improvement Utility Clubs Replace Long / Mid Irons
Easy Hitting High Loft Clubs
Lower Profile and Wider Sole for More Distance and Height
Fairway Shots Land Softly on Green

Rolled Face on Hindsight Putter
Hindsight Putters by Condor Golf

Rolled Face Technology
3° Forward Press on Shaft
Grooves on Face for Smoother Rolling Putts

SPOT Adjustable Putter
SPOT Adjustable Putter by Condor Golf

Amazing game improvement putter certain to help you putt better
Adjusts for the type of stroke path you use
Adjusts for the type of hosel to help hit straighter putts
Custom fit for length, grip

Thriple Threat Putter
Triple Threat Putter by Condor Golf

Ultra Soft Thermoplastic Urethane Face
Face Grooves Produce Smoother Rolling Putt
2 Different Hosels (Necks) Help Hit Putts Straighter
Heavier Weight Head for Better Putting Stroke

Wishon 919F/D Fairway Driver
Wishon 919F/D Custom Fairway Driver

Custom Fit for Face Angle or Lie Angle (+ - 4°)
11° Loft (Tee Shot) or 14° Loft (Fairway Shots)
Weight of 3-Wood
Shorter Club Length (43.5")

Wishon 919THI Black Oxide Driver
Wishon 919THI Black Oxide Custom Driver

Ultimate Game Improvement Driver
Hand Select Driver Lofts 8° - 14°
Face Angle / Lie Angle + - 4°
Loft, Lie, Face Angle are Independent of Each Other
Unlike "Adjustable Hosel Drivers" (Taylormade, Callaway, Nike, Cobra)

Wishon S2R Model 1 Putter
Wishon S2R Model 1 Putter by Condor Golf

Half of all strokes are taken on the green
This game improvement putter will help save 9 strokes
Only putter able to bend + - 4° for Loft and Lie Angle
Custom fit for length, grip, grip size

XV Slice Correction Driver
XV Slice Correction RH Custom Driver

Slice Correction Driver for Ultimate Game Improvement
Offset Hosel (Neck) Plus 2° Hook Face Angle
Power Chamber Produces Higher Ball Speeds for Longer Distance
Gravity Port Weight Screw to Easily Custom Fit for Length


What Customers Said

Noreen from Phoenix,

The clubs were so much fun to use!  I hit the ball in the center every time. Winner!


John from Phoenix,

He is a club fitter as well as a club maker.

Joseph from Phoenix,

I purchased the "Brassy" Warp Speed driver/wood, and couldn't be more pleased. The quality of the club is PHENOMINAL....the customer service is second to none. I love this club, it has DEFINITELY improved my game. I will purchase more clubs.

Joel from Phoenix,

As usual, the work that was just done on my clubs was over and above what others call "customized". Great service, great product, great prices.


Club Length

The club length the large "name brand" manufacturers use on their clubs is TOO long for 90% of men golfers and 98% of women golfers. These large companies make drivers that are 45½" to 46½" where as the average length of drivers used by Tour Professionals is 44½".

So why is this done? Because, companies advertise that the longer the length is, the longer you will hit the ball. Except it only works when you have smooth tempo, a consistent square swing path, a LATE RELEASE OF YOUR WRIST-COCK ANGLE (notice it is capitalized...must be important), good swing timing and rhythm.

If this isn't you, it's not going to work. The best advice is to hit a shorter length driver, 43.5" to 44.5" (unless your physical stature dictates a longer length). With the new XV line of game improvement metalwoods, we have the ability to get the shorter length without sacrificing club head weight which is essential for feel and ACCURACY. Don't let Callaway or Taylormade fool you into believing that distance is more important than accuracy.


Club Loft

Most golfers believe that they need a low lofted driver to hit longer drives. At Condor Golf, we believe that loft should be determined by the golfer's club  swing speed (which is not the same as ball speed). The average male golfer swings 87 mph while the average female golfer swings at 65 mph.

If you are a beginner or an occasional golfer, select the highest loft available.

Golfers who swing 110 miles per hour should use a 9.5° driver

Golfers who swing 100 miles per hour should use a 10.5° driver

Golfers who swing 90 miles per hour should use a 12° driver

Golfers who swing less than 90 miles per hour should use a 14° (or higher loft) driver


Grip Size

The proper grip size plays a significant role in a golfers' ability to control the club and in turn, the ball flight.

A larger grip (anything larger than standard) would benefit a player who:

Has large hands

Consistently draws or hooks the ball

Has arthritis (or any other hand problem) and struggles to hold a standard grip

Has fingers that wrap around the grip and dig into the palm


A smaller grip (anything smaller than standard) would benefit a player who:

Has small hands

Consistently slices or fades the ball

Has fingers that do not fully encircle the grip


Free Golf Tip

Many golfers get into their address position by aligning the ball in the middle of the clubface believing that this will help them make contact with the ball in that same spot. Unfortunately, during the course of the golf swing, a high scoring golfer will alter either their body position or their hand position. In 99 out of 100 cases, the golfer will hit the ball on the far end (toe) of the club which will cause directional problems plus loss of distance. I see this all the time when a player brings clubs in for repair. All the wear on the club is out on the toe with very little if any visible wear in the center or inside (heel) of the club.

A very simple solution to this problem is to align the ball on the inside (heel) portion of the club before starting the swing. Then as you make the swing, the chances of more solid shots from the center of the club are greater. Even PGA Tour professionals do this same technique even though their ability is much better than high scoring players. This lesson should be used on ALL clubs (metalwoods, hybrids, irons, putter). This will give true game improvement performance plus more solid shots even though no other changes were made to the golf swing.