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Free PURE Grip® Re-grip (1 club - any size) at Condor Golf


Clubs for High Scoring Golfers

Condor Golf Club Repair

• Regrip - All Brands (Custom sized to fit your hands - FREE)
• Reshaft - All Brands
• Regroove Irons
• Re-attach Loose Club Heads
• Remove Nicks / Scratches
• Re-Groove Irons
• Loft / Lie on Irons (FREE initial check of your clubs)
• Backweighting Clubs


Why You Should Buy Custom Made Golf Clubs From Condor Golf

  • We specialize in giving the very best customer service and educating you about golf equipment.

  • Our custom fit clubs can be purchased individually. Try one club before buying the set.

  • We assist customers with the technical side of fitting their clubs such as club length, shaft type, shaft flex, grip style and size. We have 40 years professional experience in club fitting.

  • Member of International Clubmakers Guild

Comments From Our Customers

Everything in my dealings with was excellent.  The price was competitive and their service and fulfillment was over the top! I highly recommend to anyone. Thanks to Gary and the folks at Condor for a hole in one!

Ev P.

It was a very easy site to go through and purchase what i was looking for.  Also the prices were great and the shipping was fast.  Thanks for the positive experience.

Patrick W.

Just like my previous experiences with your craftmanship and courtesy the experience was above the call of duty. Personally, I appreciate the service.

David P.

Great service and I am very excited. I want to place an order for the 3, 5 and 7 wood in the next month or so. Talk to you soon.