Half of all golfers will fail to break 100 for 18 holes.  For those of average to above average strength, they will likely miss every single fairway. Drives that fly 200 yards out and then hook or slice 40 yards out-of-bounds do not count as 240 yard drives! By achieving more accuracy, Condor Golf custom drivers not only fly straighter by longer.

Featured Products

XF 11-Club Slice Correction Set
Acer XF 11-Club Slice Correction Beginner Set

All clubs have a pronounced "offset" in the neck which helps correct for any slice / fade tendencies so you hit all your shots straighter and longer. Available for both men and women, this set is also perfect for beginner golfers who have not developed the necessary skills to hit consistently straight shots.

High Loft Fairway
High Loft Fairway Woods

#5, #7, #9, #11, #13, #15

Clubs for Golfers who Prefer Wide Sole Fairway Woods to Hitting Irons. Easy to get airborne, Longer distance than mid to short irons.

Juggernaut Slice Correction Driver
Juggernaut "Slice Correction" Illegal Driver

Want an extra  20 yards off the tee and eliminate your slice at the same time? Juggernaut "Slice Correction" has an offset neck that launches the ball straight because the impact happens closer to the center of the club face with less side spin.

Obsession Womens Irons
Obsession Womens Irons

Price Shown is for 7 - PW, Gap Wedge

Game Improvement Irons for Women - The pink, silver and black emblem in the cavity stands out as a quality club that will produce years of enjoyment. Plus genuine Swarovski crystals are embedded into the club head.

Thriver Driving Club
Thriver Driving Club

If you combine the terms Three Wood + Driver you get Thriver or the best of both worlds when it comes to these two heads. Think about it, the modern deep face driver is approximately 3 times the size of a typical #3 wood creating much less twisting of the face.

XS Game Improvement Irons
XS Game Improvement Irons

Price Shown Includes 7-PW, Gap Wedge

Extra loft is built into the XS High Flight producing a higher flight and superb solid feel on all shots. The XS High Flight neck is more is more offset producing a 'draw' or hook type of shot compared to the XS Mid Flight.

XS Gold Fairway
XS Gold Fairway Woods

These fairway metals feature a forged body coupled with a very thin, high-strength forged face for explosive distance, sound and feel at impact. It has ultimate weight distribution, superior balance and unbelievable performance.

XS Gold Hybrids
XS Gold Hybrids

Imagine having 200 yards to the flag and hitting a high, straight shot that lands softly next to the cup for a tap-in birdie. This is your club for that shot!


Club Loft

Most golfers believe that they need a low lofted driver to hit longer drives. At Condor Golf, we believe that loft angle on a custom driver should be determined by the golfer's club swing speed plus the golfer's ability to hit the ball somewhere on the face consistently (not just one out of seven hits). The average male golfer swings 87 mph while the average female golfer swings at 65 mph.

Having a custom fit loft angle will produce the longest, straightest hits.

Beginners or recreational golfers should select the highest loft available.

Golfers that swing less than 80 mph should not hit any driver less than 14°.

Golfers who swing less than 90 mph should not hit any driver less than 12°.

One more fact about driver loft, clubs that are described or sold as "Adjustable" can NOT be adjusted for loft angle. Loft angle is independent of any other specification which can NEVER be changed. The only specifications on metal woods that can be adjusted on custom made by Condor Golf that CAN are face angle or lie angle.

Shaft Flex

At Condor Golf, swing speed is only the beginning of the shaft fitting process. If the shaft fitting is done properly to incorporate all the other swing elements which dictate the correct shaft, a shaft that is quite different from what you originally thought will be selected. First off, the flex letter code printed on your shaft means nothing. So, if the flex of the shaft does not propel the ball down the fairway, what does it do?

It’s caused when the golfer releases his wrist-cock angle during the downswing. That’s when the shaft’s stiffness or flexibility does its work.

The purpose of a shaft’s total flex design is to work in conjunction with your downswing force, your wrist-cock release (along with the clubhead loft, the club head center of gravity, and whether you swing up, level or down at the ball) to determine the final launch angle, trajectory and backspin of your shot.

To really get the proper shaft (and shaft flex) for your clubs Condor Golf takes into account these factors:

  • How smoothly or forcefully  the transition from the end of the backswing to the start of the downswing
  • How aggressive or smooth your downswing tempo is
  • When you unhinge your wrist cock angle
  • How consistently you do each of the above.

Custom fitting the shaft to each golfer is one of the most important goals at Condor Golf. Using technology, we can put each golfer into the correct shaft so that they can get better game improvement for lower scores.