Wishon Sterling Single Length Iron


Counter Weighting Putters and Chippers

Condor Golf puts a 60 gram counter weight in our custom made chippers and an 80 gram counter weight in all of our custom putters.

You will become much more proficient with your short game and will experience lower scores. After all, over 50% of your score occurs within 10 yards of the green! Better your score by 6 - 9 strokes.

  • Players who score 80 have about a 25 percent chance of three-putting when the ball is 43 feet from the hole.
  • Players who score 90 have about a 25 percent chance of three-putting when the ball is 32 feet from the hole.
  • Players who score 100 have about a 25 percent chance of three-putting when the ball is 26 feet from the hole.

The benefit of counter weighting your putter and chipping clubs (weight installed inside the shaft at the end of the grip) is to provide a smooth consistent putting or chipping stroke.

Golfers who putt and chip well have a high level of fine motor control skill. That simply means they have the neuro-muscular ability to move and control objects with their hands at slower speeds in a consistent, repeating and very precise manner. For those of us who do not have fine motor control, by putting a substantial amount of weight in the end of the shaft, our hands now feel that heavier weight and are better able to move in a more consistent, repeating manner.

Golfers who have proven to improve their putting and chipping with a counter weight all have one or more of the following short game habits:

  • Tendency to both pull and push short shots off line
  • A higher than average incidence of off center hits with all short shots around the green
  • Inconsistency with distance control – some putts (and chips) come up short and some go well past the cup
  • The path of the putter (or chipper) back and through the ball can be jerky, not smooth and rhythmic


Regrip Your Clubs

If new clubs are not in the budget this year, at least have new ultra tacky, soft feel grips installed at Condor Golf. We custom fit and install all brands of grips but we prefer to use PURE Grips - the best feeling grip that is actually made in the USA.

They provide exceptional durability and the best feel on the market. They are made with concentric grip walls of consistent thickness and no seams. Perfectly round, PURE Grips offer +/- 1 gram tolerances and a range of feels designed to meet the needs and preferences of all golfers, from beginners to pros. This advanced technology makes PURE Grips exceedingly well balanced, giving you an edge that exists with no other grip.

The proprietary 100% rubber formula makes PURE Grips exceedingly durable in all weather conditions. Even the most avid golfers will have trouble wearing out our grips. In fact, all PURE Grips are guaranteed to remain tacky and supple and perform in all conditions for up to twelve months. If you manage to wear one out before then, we’ll happily give you a replacement for free.


Custom Club Fitting

This fitting form is designed for golfers unsure what golf clubs they should buy. Once the form is submitted, we will evaluate your answers and contact you with our best possible custom club recommendation for the lowest price. There is no charge for this service. To achieve the best club fitting, we ask that your answers be completely honest. More....


What are "Custom Golf Clubs?"

Custom golf clubs are individually fitted for each golfer after measurements are provided about the player's swing and stature. No two people are the same in stature or ability, so why should they buy clubs that are "ready made" from standard specifications. Fitted golf clubs are much better for higher scoring players, beginners or recreational golfers because they can offer built-in assistance to help the player hit higher, longer and straighter shots than "ready made" clubs.

Other online sites give you choices of length, shaft flex and grip size. That only works if you already know what your club specifications are supposed to be. Unfortunately, most golfers don't know what shaft, head or grip they should be using. That is why we do the work of fitting for you based on answers you  provide about yourself and your swing. Once we have that information, we can build the most precise club for you. If you ever have any questions about our fitting, please feel free to email or call us and we'll be happy to explain everything about your club fitting.

As a family owned golf business for the past 40 years, Condor Golf provides the very best customer service - service that you won't get from big box, muti-national chain stores, GUARANTEED.