Custom Fit Clubs for Players who Score 80+

We feature the finest quality clubs from Acer Golf, Air Force One Golf, Alpha Golf, Powerbilt Golf, Swing Science Golf AND Wishon Golf.
All of these clubs are "original design" clubs - no clones, "knock-offs" or counterfeits. They are designed to help golfers play their best plus having them custom fit to the players ability.

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Powerbilt Citation Driver

The Power and Fury of the "Recoil Zone" on the Powerbilt Citation Tour Driver

Wishon Single Length Irons

Wishon Sterling Single Length Irons -  Wishon Single Length Irons are based on the 8-Iron length because most golfers have confidence in the 8-Iron.

Wishon 771CSI Irons

Wishon 771CSI Irons - Designed for maximum distance with the utmost off-center hit performance, all in a head shape, size and profile that is very traditional.

Wishon 919THI Driver

Wishon 919THI Driver - Six different graphite shafts plus custom weighting, custom lengths, multiple lofts, bendable face angle and lie angle +/- 4°

Custom Club Fitting

This Online Club Fitting is designed for golfers who who normally score 84 or higher on a regulation golf course. It will help those players who want to improve their shot making without having to practice or take formal instruction. Even though it may seem somewhat detailed in nature, it really isn't. It is not designed for players who read every book, article or advertisement about golf clubs nor is it for players who study every single aspect of golf equipment. It is designed for players with some basic knowledge of clubs but not trying to learn every single detail about the makeup of the club.

I can tell you that knowing every single detail about the club will not transform the golfer who scores 85 into someone who can score 75. It simply does not work that way. And there are days when the 85 shooter will go out and score happens, so just let it go. Relax the body and the mind and enjoy this wonderful outdoor activity.

Custom Fitting