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What is Custom Clubfitting?

No two golfers have the same swing, build, height, strength or ability. Clubfitting is the process of properly fitting a golfer for custom made clubs. The better we understand the golfer's needs, the better we can determine the components and specifications of the golf club, resulting in a custom club that performs optimally for the golfer.


Bandit SB Illegal Balls - smaller size 1.65 in diameter
Bandit SB Illegal Balls

Same size as Condor 's' Balls, but longer

Juggernaut Illegal Driver
Juggernaut Illegal Driver

'A massive inexorable object that crushes whatever is in its path'

Orlimar Escape High Loft Fairway Woods
Orlimar Escape High Loft Fairway Woods

Budget-priced, high loft fairway wood
Replaces long & mid irons


Determining the Correct Driver Loft

Have you ever wondered why you sometimes hit your 3-wood as far as you hit your driver?

Many golfers select the wrong driver loft for their ability and strength. Yes, I realize that goes against your rationale for buying golf clubs.

However, it is similar to using a garden hose turned up to full power to try to get the longest distance of water spray. If you suddenly turned down the water pressure, you would see a loss of distance in the spray. In order to regain some of that distance, you raise the angle of the nozzle! Same thing is true with a golf driver. With a slower swing speed (less distance), you need a higher lofted driver which raises the trajectory to regain some of that distance.

Simple concept.

If Your NORMAL Average Drive Distance Is Your Driver Loft Should Be
0 - 140 yards. 16.5°
140 - 160 yards 15.5°
160 - 180 yards 15°
180 - 195 yards 14°
195 - 210 yards 13°
210 - 225 yards 12°  

Contact Info

Condor Golf Headquarters

26009 N. 7th Ave.
Phoenix, AZ 85085

Customer Service

Call or text us at: 623-581-2986
(USA Phone Number Only)

Hours of Operation

Monday - Saturday: 9:30 am MST - 5:30 pm MST

History of Condor Golf

We have built thousands of custom fit clubs for our clients since 1975. In the 1970's, all the woods were genuine persimmon wood and the irons were manufactured from raw blank heads that were cast in the USA. The whole industry changed with the first "metalwoods" in the early 1980's, however we still hand made all the persimmon heads. During the 1990's, metalwoods took over completely as they were more readily available.
When we build a "custom" club, it has to be absolutely perfect in every detail, from appearance to functionality. Fitting the club exactly to each customer is 99% of the work.

Inside Condor Golf

Individual Golf Lessons

Gary Johnson - Teaching professionally since 1972
45-60 Minute Private Lesson - $25
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