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Condor Custom Clubs feature in-depth online fitting.

Our clubs are hand made one at a time to fit each golfer with precision specifications that will produce better on-course results.

Free Basic Club Fitting (for beginners) | Advanced Comprehensive Club Fitting (for intermediate to advanced players)


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Questions and Answers about Single Length Irons

What is the Reason a Golfer Might Consider Making a Change from Normal Incremental Length Irons to a Single Length Set of Irons?

The technical basis behind the creation of a set of single length irons is to say that if all the clubs have the same length, the same total weight, the same headweight, and the same balance point it will enable the golfer to use the same stance, posture, spine angle, swing plane – the same everything in the swing. As such, the single length approach has a chance to offer a higher level of swing repeatability and shot consistency for each of the clubs in the set.

If the clubs are all to be made to one Length and one Lie Angle, what is there for golfers to be custom fit in a set of Single Length Irons?

In short, even though the lengths of each iron will be the same, what that length should be as well as each one of the other key fitting specifications should be custom fit and custom built for each golfer.

Should I Seriously Consider Buying a Set of Single Length Irons?

With the major changes that have been designed into the Wishon Sterling Irons® Single Length clubheads, golfers show improvement in swing and shot consistency.

Sterling Irons® Single Length Irons have all the requirements to deliver a seamless transition for shot distance with each club compared to a conventional set, while at the same time offering the main benefit of the Single Length concept of identical swing feel for every club.

• Option between high COR hybrid and high COR iron for different player types.

• High COR face, variable thickness face design, with low CG and slightly stronger lofts to ensure no loss of distance for these clubs compared to their longer length in a conventional set.

• #8 through SW are all one piece cast carbon steel body cavity back irons made in 5° loft increments to also ensure not hitting the ball too far for these clubs compared to their slightly shorter lengths in a conventional set.

Designed to be built to 36.5" (8-iron) for better shot consistency and a higher percentage of on center hits for each club.

• All clubheads are bendable for lie angle +/- 2° which is critical for proper lie angle fitting.

Good Balance for a Good Golf Swing

One of the most important aspects of a golf swing is balance. Having the proper balance means that during the golf swing, your weight is positioned so as not to allow your body to lean too far forward, backward, left or right. Having good balance also brings out good rhythm during the swing.

The combination of proper balance and good rhythm is what allows your body to return the clubhead back to the ball the same as you started the swing. Many higher scoring golfers try to hit the ball as far as possible by swinging the club very fast. As a result, they lose their balance (which then makes them actually slow down the swing just to regain their balance)  which delivers only a glancing blow on the ball losing much of the power of the swing. The golfer ends up with a weak hit that generally goes offline from the club immediately. Every once in awhile, they happen to catch the ball relatively solidly sending the ball somewhat longer but still offline. The problem all stems back to the fact that the golfer tries to hit too hard by swinging too fast without any effort to keep a balanced swing.

Our advice is to start by making a slow motion swing hitting the ball. The ball may only travel 10 - 20 yards, but the idea is to learn to keep the balance during the entire swing. Once the golfer is comfortable with that, gradually increase the speed to hit the ball 50 yards while still maintaining good balance. These first two steps should be done over at least 2 COMPLETE practice sessions. Yes, I know you want to see if you can hit longer shots immediately, but this is a learning process which does take some time. It may take days or even weeks to accomplish, but you will find that the results are definitely worth the wait.