I just wanted to say that the 60° Wishon lob wedge that you fitted for me (at distance) is working great.

There are not many people willing to fit over the internet I know and especially for Wishon material, but the range of questions that you asked managed to pinpoint exactly what I needed in terms of set up and this is a great product :- weight, shaft, head, grip all perfect.

Thanks alot



Chuck B.

Service was excellent. Responsive, complete, and accurate. Thanks.

John D.

Great service and I am very excited. I want to place an order for the 3, 5 and 7 wood in the next month or so. Talk to you soon.


Just like my previous experiences with your craftmanship and courtesy the experience was above the call of duty. Personally, I appreciate the service.
David P.

It was a very easy site to go through and purchase what i was looking for.  Also the prices were great and the shipping was fast.  Thanks for the positive experience.

Patrick W.

Everything in my dealings with CondorGolf.com was excellent.  The price was competitive and their service and fulfillment was over the top! I highly recommend condorgolf.com to anyone. Thanks to Gary and the folks at Condor for a hole in one!

Ev P.

The contact, service and response of my purchase was above average.  I would certainly recommend this company, www.condorgolf.com to anyone I play golf with and wants continued outstanding customer service. A pleasure doing business with you.

Dan P

Great Chipper.  Used it and it does great chipping onto the green from the 1st or 2nd cut. Works great in other areas as well. Great service as usual.Thanks Gary.

Hi Gary,

In my opinion I can't say enough good things about your service at Condor Golf. It blew me away that you offered to deliver the dozen golf balls that I ordered to save me the shipping costs. As for the Polara golf balls, I love them.  I played an entire round without once going into the rough. Wow!!! that is a big deal for me.

Thank you so much,
Gil Quintanilla

Definitely five stars on the product and especially the service going above and beyond to help with the tracking issues with USPS.

N. Rhodes

Dynacraft Prophet Tour Irons

In the beginning I played Dynacraft Tour Caliber blades, and they were good. Then I switched to Dynacraft Tour cavity back forged irons, and they were good too. I hit the ball a little longer and higher with them. Now I'm playing the new Prophet Tour irons, and they are simply superior to the others. They feel softer than the cavity back irons and when you hit 'em they feel and sound really solid. I've added about 10 - 15 yards of distance per iron, especially from the 6 thru the 3. Around the green, the SW and PW have a wider flange at the bottom of the club than my former irons which allows me chip and pitch with more consistency, even off of tight, or firm lies on the fringe. And again, a soft feel like a blade. Make mine Dynacraft Prophet Tour irons! These are the best they've made yet.  

Tony N

XF Irons

Clubs are awesome!! Played with Alex on the 12th and he hit the ball with much greater accuracy. Thanks for all your help.

David Henderson

 XK Pro Irons

I had a set of XK Pro Irons built a few months back after taking a 10 year layoff from the game.  They look good at address (not too bulky), and are very forgiving.


XDS Thriver Driver

I swung the "Thriver" Driver very easy and added 25 yards to my normal drive....25 yards and straight!!
I tried it off the deck and was amazed with the ease and ball flight.

John L.

Prophet ICT Driver, Fairway Woods

I finally was able to play a round without a double bogey today (76). My new woods are perfect. Ten to Twenty more yards off the tee and the three wood can go 230 plus at times.


Hello Gary,


The product I purchased from you went out of production 20 years ago, but Gary at Condor Golf

managed to find what I wanted. There was no problem in posting the shafts to me in the United Kingdom

and the delivery time was excellent all the way from USA to Whitby, North Yorkshire UK.  E-Mail

queries I sent to Gary were very quickly answered and nothing was too much bother. Thanks to all

at Condor Golf. All the very best success for the future.



Good Morning Gary,

How are you this fine morning? I’ve been working with the new driver at the range and on the links. I like everything about the driver; I’m still slicing to the right but not as much, I get a few to the left and when I get it to go straight I get some really great distance. I actually out drove other members of my foursome on more than one hole at Arrowhead CC this past weekend. I realize it is my swing causing the problem, I noticed my backswing was too fast so I have tried to slow it down. A friend of mine says my forward swing is too fast also, I seem to be trying to crush the ball, and believe he’s right about that knowing me lol.

So still working at it, I have the next couple of weeks off for practice and reflection.

Sincerely Konrad K.

Products and service were great.  Due to the terrible weather on the east coast I have only been able to use them at the driving range.  Can't wait to get them on the course! Thanks.

Ted Emerson

Hello Gary,
My purchase was received promptly and in good order. Although I have no immediate need for golf clubs, I’ll check Condor for my other golfing needs.
David C.