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Acer XDS 8-Club Beginner Set

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Set Includes:
Driver, 4-Wood, 7-Wood, 6-Iron thru Pitching Wedge
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Velocity Graphite
Velocity Graphite (L, A, R, S) (68 grams, Torque 6°) (High Flight)
Backswing Length: Hands higher than shoulders OR Hands shoulder height or lower
Downswing Force: Average, with some force and energy
Wrist Cock Release Point on Downswing: Early
Average Driver Distance in the Air:

0 - 160 yards, Flexible (L)
160 - 180 yards, Senior/Lite (A)
180 - 200 yards, Regular (R)
200 - 220 yards, Firm (S)


Karma Velour
Karma Velour
Qualities: Medium Feel, Tacky, Good Traction
Grip Sizes (Hand Size): Standard (7" - 7.75"), Midsize (7.75" - 8.75")

Karma Oversize Plus
Karma Oversize Plus
Qualities: Firm Feel, Tacky, Good Traction
Grip Size (Hand Size): Oversize (+ 9.25")

Star Grip Sidewinder
Star Grip Sidewinder
Qualities: Medium Feel, Tacky, Good Traction
Grip Sizes (Hand Size): Standard (7" - 7.75"), Midsize (7.75" - 8.75")

Star Grip Wrap
Star Grip Classic Wrap
Qualities: Soft, Very Tacky
Grip Sizes (Hand Size): Standard (7" - 7.75"), Midsize (7.75" -8.75")


Product Description

XDS Driver features a titanium body with a lighter crown and increased head mass for greater energy transfer to the ball as well as optimal forgiveness. The ultra-thin, variable thickness face increases ball speed and distance.

XDS Fairway Woods are especially well-suited to women, older players and those players who have trouble with consistency hitting long irons and mid irons. The low positioning of interior weight and the wider sole make them very easy to get airborne for any player.

The XDS Irons feature the same amount of face progression through the set, as well as conistent crown heights.

The railed soles glide across various types of terrain increasing solidness of contact.

Plus, with the leading edge designed well forward of the hosel prevents the possibility of shanking the ball.

Right Hand


Loft Angle Lie Angle Face Angle Std. Club Length
12° Driver 58° 1° Closed 44 1/4"
17° 4-Wood 58.5° 0° Square 42 1/2"
22° 7-Wood 59° 0° Square 41"
27° 6-Iron 61 1/2° N/A 37 1/2"
30° 7-Iron 62° N/A 37"
34° 8-Iron 63° N/A 36 1/2"
39° 9-Iron 63 1/2° N/A 36"
44° PW 64° N/A 36"

Club Fitting

Club Length

Measuring for Club Length

Stand on flat surface and place your arms in a relaxed position by your sides. Measure from the wrist crease to the floor (as shown in the image).


Wrist to Floor Measurement Length
27" - 29" - 1 1/2"
29" - 32" - 1"
32" - 34" - 1/2"
34" - 36" 44 1/4" (Standard)
36" - 37" + 1/4"
37" - 38" + 1/2"
38" - 39" + 3/4"
39" - 40" + 1"
40" - 41" + 1 1/4"
41"+ + 1 1/4"

Loft Angle

Many golfers select the wrong driver loft for their ability and strength.

It is similar to using a garden hose turned up to full power to try to get the longest distance of water spray. If you suddenly turned down the water pressure, you would see a loss of distance in the spray. In order to regain some of that distance, you raise the angle of the nozzle! Same thing is true with a golf driver. With a slower swing speed (less distance), you need a higher lofted driver which raises the trajectory to regain some of that distance.
If your drive distance in the air is 180 yards to 220 yards, you should select 12° loft angle

Shaft Flex

Normal Drive Distance

How Far Do Golfers Really Hit Drives

"I hit my drives 270 yards."

Hah! Maybe once, with the wind behind you, on a rock-hard fairway, when the ball bounced off a cart path and a squirrel advanced it an extra 10 yards. On no subject are golfers, especially male golfers, more deluded than on the distance they hit their drives.

Here are the brutal facts, accumulated by Dave Pelz over several years of monitoring thousands of players at amateur tournaments. He used the same ShotLink equipment used by the PGA Tour to determine that, in 2018, the world’s best players averaged 291 yards off the tee.

Male amateurs who score 100 + have average drives of 166 yards

Male amateurs who score 92 - 99 average 183 yards

Male amateurs who score 82 - 88 average 214 yards

Male amateurs who score low 70's average 235 yards.

As for actual yardage hit by golfers, you need to know that MOST golf courses do NOT measure the yardages correctly. Scorecard yardages are often 60 - 80 yards longer than what the hole really is.

Backswing Length

Backswing Length

Hands Shoulder Height or Lower

Backswing Length

Hands Higher Than Shoulders

Wrist Cock Release Point on Downswing

Tom Wishon shows Wrist Release on Downswing

1. Early Release means the downswing to the ball is started with the hands. Generally done by beginners or higher scoring players who score 90 +.
2. Midway Release means the downswing to the ball is started with some body movement before the hands start to uncock. Generally done by Intermediate Players who score 82 - 89.
3. Late Release means the downswing to the ball is started by weight shift in the legs, followed by the trunk of the body and finally the hands uncocking very near impact with the ball. Always done by advanced players who score 70 - 79.

Grip Size

Hand Size

Measure Hand (as shown in picture) before selecting the correct grip size

To assist our club fitting, email a video of your swing.
1. Using your phone or tablet, have a friend video your swing. Do at least 2 swings with one facing directly at you and the other from behind looking straight down the line of flight.
2. Attach the video to an email and send HERE
3. We will analyze your swing and send our recommendations for club specifications.

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