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Acer XDS Woods

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Availability: April, 2019
Normally Ships: 6 - 9 Business Days
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Player Profile (Score): Intermediate (83-94), Advanced (78-82)

XDS Driver features internal heel-weighting which shifts the center of gravity closer to the hosel, assists squaring the face up at impact and enhancing gear effect to impart draw spin. The 6/4 Titanium body plus 6/4 Cup Face Titanium clubface and the lighter crown and increased head mass ensures greater energy transfer to the ball as well as optimal forgiveness.

XDS Fairway Woods showcase progressive internal heel weighting to assist into squaring the face up at impact and producing a draw enhancing ball flight.

The wrap-around face stainless steel construction features an ultra-thin, variable thickness face to boost ball speed and distance while multiple lofts provide custom options to attack the course from nearly anywhere on the course. Modern head weights increase the MOI of the head and work well with today’s ultralight shaft to achieve normal swingweights.

Selecting Driver Loft:
10.5° is best for advanced golfers with average drive of 220 - 250 yards
12° is best for intermediate golfers with average drive of 190 - 220 yards

Features and Specifications

Right Hand or Left Hand
Face Angles: 0° Square (All Clubs)
Head Volume: 460cc (1)
Finish: Matte Black PVD on crown, side skirt, sole, face; Red Accents

Loft Lie Length
10.5° (1) 58° 44.25"
12° (1) 58° 44.25"
15° (3) 58° 42.75"
17° (4) 58.5° 42.25"
19° (5) 59° 41.75"
22° (7) 59.5° 41.25"
25° (9) 60° 40.75"
29° (11) 60.5° 40.25"
33° (13) 61° 39.75"
37° (15) 61.5° 39.25"

Shaft Options

Grip Options

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