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Acer XK Chipper

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An ultra-wide sole and heavier weighted head that glides across the fringe surrounding the green, it is also very effective in the deeper grass just beyond that short grass.
It features a "shank-proof" neck unlike a conventional iron.
Use your putting stroke with a lofted XK Chipper!

Play: Right Hand or Left Hand
Standard Loft Chipper: 37° (Similar to 8-Iron for lower shots when the cup is 30 - 60 feet)
Head Material: 431 Stainless Steel
Standard Loft Angle: 37°
Standard Lie Angle: 72°
Head Weight: 331 grams

This is a STARTING POINT ONLY for length fitting and in no way represents the final length of the clubs. We also evaluate the following golfer and swing elements:  1) swing path;  2) downswing transition force and downswing tempo;  3) point of the wrist-cock release on the downswing;  4) overall golfer athletic ability. 

Wrist Crease to Floor Measurement Chipper (Steel)
27" to 29" 32 1/2"
29" to 32" 33"
32" to 34" 33 1/2"
34" to 36" 34"
36" to 38" 34 1/2"
38" to 40" 35"
40" to 42" 35 1/2"
42" + 36"


Karma Velvet

Karma Velour
Qualities: Medium Firm, Good Traction
Sizes: Undersize, Standard, Midsize

Reviewed by Mike F., 07/31/2015

Good product. It's helped me shave a few strokes off already.