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Acer XS Forged Iron Set (4 - PW)

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XS Forged Irons Combine Tradition with Modern Technology

A computer numerically controlled (CNC) program precisely mills the entire back of the blade into the exact cavity shape you see including an additional step to create an undercut cavity to allow for a deeper weight distribution found only in cast designs.

Designed for the better ball striker with a penchant for a contemporary appearance only a 'players' cavity can provide.

Manufactured using precision forging from soft carbon steel for unmatched feel.

Features and Specifications

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Grips: Lamkin Perma Wrap Classic
Grip Size: Mens Standard
Shaft: Apollo Stepless Steel Stiff
Length: 38.5" (4), 38" (5), 37.5" (6), 37" (7), 36.5" (8), 36" (9, PW)
Swingweight: D-3
Loft Angles: 24° (4), 27° (5), 31° (6), 35° (7), 39° (8), 43° (9), 47° (PW)
Lie Angles: 60.5° (4), 61° (5), 61.5° (6), 62° (7), 62.5° (8), 63° (9), 63° (PW)
Condition: Good to very good (Demo Clubs)


Stepless Steel

Apollo Stepless Steel (125g)
Fits golfers with these specifications:
Average 18 Hole Score: 75 - 82
Average 5-Iron Distance: 180 - 200 yards
Backswing Length: Hands higher than shoulders or Hands shoulder height or lower
Swing Tempo: Fast, with some force
Wrist cock release point: Late on Downswing

If you would like these clubs reshafted, please contact us for price.


Lamkin Perma Wrap Classic Standard

Lamkin Perma Wrap Classic Standard
If you would like these clubs regripped, please contact us for price.

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