Acer XV Draw Bias Driver

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XV Draw Bias Driver is designed to help players who struggle with a fade, push or slice.

With an 11 mm offset and a 2° hook face angle, XV  Draw Biased driver allows players to make their normal swing but achieve a significantly straighter ball flight which will result in a longer drive.

This full size 460cc head features a Power Chamber sole right behind the club face for higher rebound effect.XV Power Chamber Sole Slot

The Gravity Weight Port in the rear of the sole gives greater flexibility in adjusting the weight to allow a shorter length club with increased accuracy.XV Gravity Weight Port

If you consistently hit a "power fade" or slice on tee shots, look to the XV Draw Bias Driver put your drives back in the center of the fairway.

Draw Biased vs. Closed Faced

One should not confuse the difference between a closed face angle and a draw bias clubhead. Face angle is the direction the face points relative to the target. Yes, a closed face club can help start the ball far enough left (RH golfer) to correct for when the ball fades or slices. This of course assumes that the player does not compensate and open up the face at address to make it look square.
Draw bias has to deal with creating a draw spin or at least encouraging the ball to produce a draw ball flight. Where a golf ball ultimately lands is caused by a few factors such as how open or closed the face is at impact and the swing path of the golfer. Normally when a golf ball impacts the center of the face a draw is created by an inside/out path. For example a 2° inside/out path with a 1° closed face angle would create draw spin. But with a draw biased club it is possible to create a draw spin with a center impact and a square face angle and straight path toward the target line. The latter would normally produce a straight ball flight only. If you struggle with a slice, this is the driver for you.

Manufactured and Shipped from Hireko Golf.

Technical Features

Head Material: 100% Titanium Body with weight on the crown moved to the sole
Face Material: 6-4 Titanium
Finish: Matte Black PVD on Crown, Side Skirt, Sole, Face with Orange Accents

Standard Specifications

Loft Lie Offset Face Angle Std. Length
10.5°RH/LH 58° 11mm 2° Hook 44.5"
12° RH Only 58° 11mm 2° Hook 44.5"

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