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Alpha C1 Pro Forged Custom Irons

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1 - 4 $135.00
5+ $84.00
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 Alpha C1 Forged Irons deliver unexpected power and performance with a soft impact feel.

Player Profile: Advanced and Well Advanced Golfers who score 74 - 82 and want the ultimate soft feel at impact

Very soft feel of ball coming off the face at impact made possible by using 1020 Forged Carbon Steel and using a twice forged process. The Alpha signature "Maximum Contact Time" provides the ultimate in power transfer no matter if you're pitching out of a tight lie or hitting it long down the fairway.

The C1 Pro irons look like a traditional cavity back forged iron. Nice clean lines, very simple, understated cavity back. The irons themselves are polished chrome, with a satin finish on the clubface itself.

C1 Pro Irons are exactly what better players ask for with a modern, compact cavity set. A slightly wider, cambered sole makes this more playable than the muscle-back however size and shape are only a fraction larger. The thin, tapered top line, short head length and smaller wedges mean this is very much a 'tour-ready' iron.

Features and Specifications

Right Hand Only
Head Material: Premium 1020 Low Carbon Double Forged Steel
Offset: 5.3mm - 2.9mm
Std. Length (Steel): 38.5" (3), 38" (4), 37.5" (5), 37" (6), 36.5" (7), 36" (8), 35.5" (9, PW)
Std. Length (Graphite): 39" (3), 38.5" (4), 38" (5), 37.5" (6), 37" (7), 36.5" (8), 36" (9, PW)
Finish: Chrome Plated Satin

Loft Lie (Bendable +/- 2°)
20.5° (3) 60°
23.5° (4) 60.5°
27° (5) 61°
30.5° (6) 61.5°
34° (7) 62°
38° (8) 62.5°
42.5° (9) 63°
47° (PW) 64°

Shaft Options

Grip Options

Club Fitting

Lie Angle Fitting
If your Wrist-to-Floor Measurement is:
34" to 36", select Standard Lie
33" to 34", select 1° Flat Lie
32" to 33", select 2° Flat Lie
36" to 37", select 1° Upright Lie
37" to 38", select 2° Upright Lie

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