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Alpha RX Lo Pro Hi Loft Fairway Wood

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1 $179.95
2+ $142.95
Select Loft Angle:
Wrist-to-Floor Length:
Your Height:
Golf Skill Level:
Backswing Length:
Your Downswing Force:
Wrist Cock Release Point:
Shafts (Score, Driving Distance) (See Shaft Options):
Grips (See Grip Options):
Hand Size (See Club Fitting):

RX Lo Pro Fairway Woods provide golfers with higher loft options for hitting shots from the fairway or rough.

With the wide sole, players can easily sweep the ball of the fairway rather than hitting down into the turf. The higher loft angles will get the ball airborne without effort which creates more distance on these shots. A smooth frictionless sole will make the shot easier to hit solid.

The main feature of the RX Low Pro however is it's signature lower profile allowing for a low COG.

Features and Specifications

Right Hand Only
Head Material: 17-4 Stainless Steel
Std. Loft Angles: 23° (7), 27° (9), 30° (11), 33° (13), 36° (15)
Lie Angle: 58.5°
Standard Face Angle: .5° Hook
Headcover IncludedStd. Length: 41.5" (7), 41" (9), 40.5" (11), 40" (13), 39.5" (15)
Finish: Black

Club Fitting

Hand Measurement (Grip Size)

Hand Size

Longest Finger Length

Longest Finger Length If the longest finger length is more than 3.5" and / or you have pain or arthritis in your hands, add +1/32" to the Hand Size measurement.

Shaft Options

Exceptional Feel + UNBREAKABLE Lifetime Guarantee

Alpha Golf graphite shafts are designed for a lifetime of consistent performance and lossless energy transfer. Alpha Platinum Wood shafts produce an exceptionally smooth feel, yet are strong enough to harness the energy of even the fastest swingers. These versatile shafts come in a extensive selection of weights, frequencies, and flexes. Incorporating "S-Carbon 500" modulus fiber, this durable graphite shaft produces consistent and accurate launches with minimal dispersion. So your shots will stay straight and fly far!

One of the finest nano-technology shafts available, the Luxe LX shaft line features very low torque from utilizing a special high-tensile strength yet lightweight ‘Supra-Nano 560’ carbon. Created for discerning players who demand pinpointing accuracy, the Luxe LX wood shafts will increase the straightness of your shots with its extreme moment of inertia.

Alpha Platinum 55

Alpha Platinum 55 (57g, Torque 5.5°)
1. Your Average Score: 95 +
2. Your Average Drive Distance: 120 - 175 yards
3. Your Backswing Length: Must be hands higher than shoulders
4. Your Downswing Force: Must be smooth, rhythmic with little force
5. Your Wrist Cock Release: Early on downswing

Alpha Platinum 65

Alpha Platinum 65 (68g, Torque 2.5°)
1. Your Average Score: 85 - 95
2. Your Average Drive Distance: 185 - 275 yards
3. Your Backswing Length: Hands shoulder height or lower OR Hands higher than shoulders
4. Your Downswing Force: Average, with some force and energy
5. Your Wrist Cock Release: Midway on downswing

Grip Options

Pure Grips Pro Velvet

PURE Grips Pro Velvet
Qualities: Medium, Tacky, Good Traction
Sizes: Undersize, Standard, Midsize

Pure Grips Wrap

PURE Grips Wrap Style
Qualities: Soft, Very Tacky
Sizes: Standard, Midsize, Oversize

Pure Grips DTX

Qualities: Firm Feel, Maximum Traction
Sizes: Standard, Midsize

Lamkin REL

Lamkin REL
Qualities: Soft Feel, Very Tacky, Shock Absorbing, Good Traction
Sizes: Standard, Midsize, Oversize

Lamkin Crossline

Lamkin Crossline
Qualities: Medium Feel, Good Traction
Sizes: Standard, Undersize, Midsize, Oversize

Lamkin Comfort Plus

Lamkin Comfort Plus
Qualities: Soft feel, Ultra Tacky, Reduced Taper
Sizes: Standard, Midsize

Golf Pride Tour Wrap

Golf Pride Tour Wrap
Qualities: Medium Feel
Sizes: Standard, Midsize, Oversize

Golf Pride Tour Velvet

Golf Pride Tour Velvet
Qualities: Medium Feel, Good Traction
Sizes: Standard, Midsize, Oversize

CP2 Tour

Golf Pride CP2 Tour
Qualities: Medium Feel, Reduced Taper (larger in lower hand)
Sizes: Standard, Midsize

CP2 Wrap

Golf Pride CP2 Wrap
Qualities: Very Soft Feel, Reduced Taper (larger in lower hand)
Sizes: Standard, Midsize

Winn DriTac

Winn Dri-Tac
Qualities: Cushioned, comfortable feel with exceptional tacky non-slip performance
Sizes: Undersize, Standard, Midsize, Oversize

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