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Alpha Vx Adjustable Driver

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Lie Angle:
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Player Profile (Score): Intermediate (83-94), Advanced (78-83)

The face angle can be adjusted from 1.5° hook to 1.5° slice and the lie angle can be adjusted from 1° flat lie to 1° upright lie. In addition, with modification of the heel and toe channel weights you can customize side spin, giving you full control over the spin direction and acceleration. Leaving the weights at their farthest positions (at the toe and heel) will allow for the most forgiveness on off-center hits. Position both weights on the heel side and it will assist in reducing a slice. Position both weights on the toe side and and it will assist in reducing a hook.

There is also a Power Chamber Slot built into the sole directly behind the face which will transfer more power to the ball across the entire length of the face.

Currently, the Alpha Vx Driver does NOT conform to USGA rules. Changes are being made to the head to make it conform to the rules.


Wishon S2S Graphite shafts are the finest quality shafts in the world. The Bend Profile is measured at 7 distinct points on the shaft for an absolutely precision fit.

Features and Specifications

Right Hand Only
Head Material: 15-3-3-3 Titanium
Adjustable sliding weight system for optimized spin
Face Angle: 0° (Adjustable +/- 1.5°)
Head Volume: 460cc
Magnetic Club Cover Included
Finish: Black

Loft Lie (Adjustable) Length
10.5° 57° (+/- 1°) 44.5"

Shaft Options

Grip Options

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