Bandit Non-Conforming Golf Balls

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Bandit Golf Balls have an exclusive core design which maximizes the energy transfer from club head to ball for greater ball velocity upon impact and the ultimate in distance. This makes it the hardest hitting golf ball on the market.
Patented dimple pattern provides perfect aerodynamics and a much lower spin rate. While other golf balls reach their apex and begin to descend, the Bandit “Maximum Distance” golf ball HANGS IN THE AIR LONGER and descends at a shallower angle.Golfers that use it are elated at the extra distance but they also praise its playability. "Bandit balls have a great feel, hold the greens well and perform consistently," one golfer said.

Customer Reviews

Reviewed by George C., 10/18/2014

Gary, thanks for the swift completion of my order. I used the balls today and was delighted. You'll be hearing again from me. It was a pleasure doing business with you.
Thanks again

Reviewed by Lou L., 09/08/2014

I appreciated your prompt service and the price was right.