Bionik 101 Putter

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Bionik 101 Putter is a budget priced putter that is excellent for beginners or occasional golfers wanting a putter that is fit for length and grip at a value price level.

This putter features a soft aluminum alloy insert anodized for a striking new look. The full offset "plumbers neck" (which means that it is offset from the body of the head) is designed for players who have a slight arc putting stroke and the offset will help hit straighter on-line putts for those who tend to "push" putts. The zinc body is highlighted with a beautiful gun-metal finish and contrasting blue precision milled face to ensure superior performance.

The 101 is a slightly lighter weight club head which will help those who normally play on faster greens.

Stepless Steel Putter Shaft
Apollo Stepless Steel Putter Shaft

Right Hand / Left Hand
Head Material: Zinc
Face Material: Aluminum Face Insert
Stroke Path: Slight Arc
Head Weight: 330 grams
Offset: 3mm

Product Questions


Loft Lie Length
72° 34"

Putter Length Fitting

1. Stand Erect
2. Make a fist with your hand
3. Measure from 1st knuckle to floor

Fitting Putter Length

Karma Velour Black Paddle
Karma Velour Black Paddle (66 grams)
Qualities: Soft, Tacky feel
Size: Standard

Dual Touch

Dual Touch Blue

Dual Touch Orange

Dual Touch Red
Karma Dual Touch (85 grams)
Qualities: Tacky feel, Multiple Surface Pattern
Size: Midsize Paddle