Bionik 703 Putter

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Bionik 702 Putter is a budget priced putter that is excellent for beginners or occasional golfers wanting a putter that is fit for length and grip at a value price level.

It is made using a multi-material construction to provide exceptional results. A heavy metallic frame surrounds an integrated lightweight TPU insert. The latter pushes weight away from the center of the head for enhanced perimeter weight and added forgiveness. The TPU insert serves double duty as well. Part of the T-shaped insert forms the soft face insert for a muted feel and sound at impact. The main body you see at address acts as an effective orientation guide with bold sight lines directed toward your target.

The full offset "plumbers neck" (which means that it is offset from the head) is designed for players who have a slight arc putting stroke and the offset will help hit straighter on-line putts for those who tend to "push" putts.

Stepless Steel Putter Shaft
Apollo Stepless Steel Putter Shaft

Features and Specifications

Right Hand Only
Head Material: Zinc
Face Material: TPU Face Insert
Stroke Path: Slight Arc
Offset: 5mm

Loft Lie Length
72° 34"

Putter Length Fitting

1. Stand Erect
2. Make a fist with your hand
3. Measure from 1st knuckle to floor

Fitting Putter Length

Karma Velour Black Paddle
Karma Velour Black Paddle (66 grams)
Qualities: Soft, Tacky feel
Size: Standard

Dual Touch

Dual Touch Blue

Dual Touch Orange

Dual Touch Red
Karma Dual Touch (85 grams)
Qualities: Tacky feel, Multiple Surface Pattern
Size: Midsize Paddle