High Loft Fairway Metalwoods

These are designed for slower swing golfers (seniors, women, beginners).

The lower profile of the head makes getting each shot in the air effortless plus they are "shankproof" (impossible to hit the dreaded shank shot). Start with the #7 or #9 Fairway Metal and see how easy these clubs are to hit. Hitting these Fairway Metals is like finding a whole new game...easy shots and lower scores. Keep the control and accuracy of your mid to short fairway shots all the while gaining additional distance.

More accuracy from the fairway and rough

Impossible to shank

Longer distance and HIGHER flight than comparable irons

Loft Angles (and iron equivalent loft): 19° = 3-Iron Loft, 24° = 4-Iron Loft, 28°= 5-Iron Loft, 31°= 6-Iron Loft, 34° = 7-Iron Loft, 37°= 8-Iron Loft