Proper Address Position

Many golfers get into their address position by aligning the ball in the middle of the clubface believing that this will help them make contact with the ball in that same spot. Unfortunately, during the course of the golf swing, a player will alter either their body position or their hand position. In 99 out of 100 cases, the golfer will hit the ball on the far end (toe) of the club face which will cause directional problems and loss of distance. I see this all the time when a player brings clubs in for repair. All the wear on the club face is out on the toe and very little if any in the center or inside (heel) of the face.

A very simple solution to this problem is to align the ball on the inside (heel) portion of the club face before you begin the swing. Then as you make the swing, the chances of more solid shots from the center of the face are greater. Even PGA Tour professionals do this same technique even though their ability to much better than high scoring players. This technique should be used on ALL clubs (metalwoods, hybrids, irons and yes even on the putter). You will experience more solid shots even though you made no other changes to your golf swing.