Slice Correction Drivers

Most golfers slice or fade their tee shots using a conventional driver.

The best way to fight the dreaded slice (or fade) is by using an "offset" driver. The offset hosel pushes the center of gravity 41% further behind the shaft’s axis. Why does this help? The further behind the center of gravity, the greater the tendency to close the face at impact, thus reducing the likelihood of an open face. Besides the offset feature, the XV Draw Driver by Condor Golf also features a 2° hook face angle which helps eliminate slicing. One other factor is the loft angle...XV Draw is built with either a 10.5° or 12° loft angle. The more loft, the less chance of putting slice spin on the ball.

When building a custom XV Draw Driver, we also consider the club length that is best suited to reduce a slice. Many name brand drivers (Callaway, Taylormade, NIKE) make their drivers over 45" in length. We want to keep our "No Slice" driver shorter than 45" so that the golfer has more control over the tee shot.