What are Custom Golf Clubs

What are "Custom Golf Clubs?"

Custom golf clubs are individually manufactured for each golfer after measurements are provided about the player's swing and stature. No two people are the same in stature and especially ability, so why should they buy clubs that are "ready made" from standard specifications. Custom fit golf clubs are much better for higher scoring players because they can offer built-in assistance to help the player hit higher, longer and straighter shots than "stock" or "ready made" clubs. Custom golf clubs also provide the opportunity for the player to try one club at a time before committing to a complete set. Using this system, the player can get a better idea as to the total number of clubs he (or she) will eventually buy. It also reduces the initial outlay to try a custom club (not done by large manufacturers).

Condor Golf offers more options on custom fit clubs than anyone. We offer many different shafts and 6 different grips on all complete custom fit clubs. We also custom size ALL the grips to whatever size you need. This is done because the grip is your only physical link to the club and it must be perfect. On metalwoods, there are many options for driver and fairway loft angles as well as face angles. We offer many irons styles ranging from true blade irons for better players to ultra-forgiving, game improvement irons for higher scoring players.