XV Drivers

The most versatile and technological enhanced driver available in a variety of loft angles

The Power Chamber sole enhances energy transfer to the ball while the Gravity Port allows for fine-tuning of swingweight for different custom assembly lengths.

This is superior to all other drivers because we can custom fit for the golfers ability. Low scoring golfers can safely use a longer length club with less weight in the head.  High scoring golfers (or golfers who lack consistency and controllable distance) can use a higher loft 12° or 14° model with a shorter length shaft and increased weight in the clubhead. This is similar to our XS Thriver with higher loft and more clubhead weight.

The XV Driver features a superlite all-titanium crown. It goes through a CNC milling process to remove excessive reduce weight than can be repositioned strategically within the head for optimal performance.

Head Material: 6-4 Titanium Face; 100% Titanium Body

Designed for: Players who score 70 + and want the latest technology to hit longer, straighter drives. Customizable for length using adjustable weight screws

Finish: Black PVD on Crown, Side Skirt, Sole, Face with Orange Accents