Good Balance for a Good Golf Swing

One of the most important aspects of a golf swing is balance. Having the proper balance means that during the golf swing, your weight is positioned so as not to allow your body to lean too far forward, backward, left or right. Having good balance also brings out good rhythm during the swing.

The combination of proper balance and good rhythm is what allows your body to return the clubhead back to the ball the same as you started the swing. Many higher scoring golfers try to hit the ball as far as possible by swinging the club very fast. As a result, they lose their balance (which then makes them actually slow down the swing just to regain their balance)  which delivers only a glancing blow on the ball losing much of the power of the swing. The golfer ends up with a weak hit that generally goes offline from the club immediately. Every once in awhile, they happen to catch the ball relatively solidly sending the ball somewhat longer but still offline. The problem all stems back to the fact that the golfer tries to hit too hard by swinging too fast without any effort to keep a balanced swing.