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Wishon Single Length Irons

Wishon Single Length Irons are the Easiest Single Length Clubs to Play

Wishon 730CL Set for Slow Swinging Golfers

Wishon 730CL Clubs - Easiest Clubs for Slow Swinging Golfers

Fairway Wood Assistance for players who score 85 - 94 and/or have a slower swing speed:

  • You should definitely be using a 7-Wood. This is one of the easiest clubs to hit that will produce consistently long, straight flight.
  • A 9-Wood takes the place of a 4-Iron or even 5-Iron. Name brand golf manufacturers have been reducing the loft angles of irons over the past 15 - 20 years. Unfortunately, this loft reduction requires faster swing speeds (5-iron at 85 - 90 mph) which most golfers cannot do. So if you're normal swing speed is not fast, the 9-Wood is the best option (even better than hybrid / irons).