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We have been building custom clubs professionally for the past 45 years. Our custom built clubs are the highest quality in the golf industry. We have tested each model to verify the specifications and they are superior to any name brand club.

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Wishon Single Length Irons

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Q and A about Single Length Irons

What is the Reason a Golfer Might Consider Making a Change from Normal Incremental Length Irons to a Single Length Set of Irons?

The technical basis behind the creation of a set of single length irons is to say that if all the clubs have the same length, the same total weight, the same headweight, and the same balance point it will enable the golfer to use the same stance, posture, spine angle, swing plane – the same everything in the swing. As such, the single length approach has a chance to offer a higher level of swing repeatability and shot consistency for each of the clubs in the set.

If a golfer has suffered from chronic or occasional shot inconsistency, converting to a single length concept would offer assistance.

What is the Technical Explanation to Support an Argument About Single Length Irons Being Better for a Golfer than Conventional Incremental Length Irons?

The technical reason for creating a single length set of irons is to offer the golfer a chance for improvement in swing repeatability, swing consistency and shot consistency because every club is as perfectly matched for every possible aspect that has anything to do with swing feel.

If the clubs are all to be made to one Length and one Lie Angle, what is there for golfers to be custom fit in a set of Single Length Irons?

Every one of the key fitting specifications in any set of irons, that’s what – the lofts, lies, shaft flex, shaft bend profile, shaft weight, total weight, headweight feel (swingweight or MOI), grip style and grip size. In short, even though the lengths of each iron will be the same, what that length should be as well as each one of the other key fitting specifications should be custom fit and custom built for each golfer.

Are Single Length Irons Better for Average to Less Skilled Golfers or are they Viable for Good Players as well?

During the time between the mid 1980s and mid 2010s when only a few isolated companies offered single length sets of irons, most people were led to believe that single length irons were more aimed at average to less skilled golfers.

Can a Conventional Set of Incremental Length Irons be Converted into a Set of Single Length Irons?

In a Single Length set, all the clubheads must be designed and manufactured to be the same exact headweight AND with the same lie angle. Therefore, it is completely impractical to alter an existing iron set to the Single Length concept.

Should I Seriously Consider Buying a Set of Single Length Irons?

The design of the Sterling Single Length clubheads makes it possible for a very high percentage of golfers to gain a moderate improvement in swing and shot consistency.

Sterling Single Length irons have all the requirements to deliver a seamless transition for shot distance with each club compared to a conventional set, while at the same time offering the main benefit of the Single Length concept of identical swing feel for every club.

• Sterling #5, 6, 7 irons are all high COR face, variable thickness face design, with low CG and slightly stronger lofts to ensure no loss of distance.

• Sterling #8 through SW are all one piece cast carbon steel body cavity back irons made in 5° loft increments to also ensure not hitting the ball too far.

• Sterling Single Length is designed to be built to 36.5" (8-iron) to offer better shot consistency and a higher percentage of on center hits for each club.

• All Sterling clubheads are bendable for lie and loft by +/- 2° for proper fitting for every golfer.