1. Wishon Sterling Single Length Irons: Consistent ball striking for lower scores

2. Juggernaut, noun: a massive inexorable force or object that crushes whatever is in its path

3. Pinhawk Single Length Irons: Low Price Single Length Irons

4. Ultimate Thriver: Aerodynamic profile, additional interior weighting and ideal loft

Frequently Asked Questions

How many clubs do I need? Click HERE for answer.

What is an appropriate length of driver for me? Click HERE for answer.

What driver loft should I use: Click HERE for answer.

July 8, 2017....Mr. Hole-in-One Does it Again!!

Our client, Tony N., just scored his second hole-in-one in 3 weeks using a Wishon 565 MC forged iron built by Condor Golf.

Congratulations to Tony!

Wishon 565MC Irons




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