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Club Fitting

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Experience (Years Playing Golf):
How many 18-hole rounds do you play?:
Normal 18-Hole Score (last 12 months):
Your Height:
Wrist crease to floor measurement when standing erect:
Hand Size:
Longest Finger Length:
Brand | Model of ALL Current Clubs:
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Current Driver Loft Angle (skip if unknown):
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Shaft | Flex of Current Clubs:
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Biggest Problem with Current Clubs:
Favorite Club:
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Least Favorite Clubs:
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Length of Backswing:
Amount of Force on Downswing:
Wrist Cock Release Point on Downswing (Avg. Score):
Normal Shot Direction with Driver:
Normal Distance with Driver:
Normal Shot Direction with 6-Iron:
Normal Distance with 6-Iron:
Your Desired Ball Flight:
Name | Model of Clubs You Want:
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Hit Longer, Straighter, More Consistent Shots with custom fit clubs from Condor Golf

We do all the fitting for you - there are so many custom variables when fitting golf clubs. Most players are unfamiliar with all the options that can make a huge difference in consistency. That is why our online custom club fitting is the most comprehensive fitting of any online golf shop. We ask for as much information as possible to get a better understanding of your golfing needs.

All we want to do is help you with your golf game so that it becomes a more enjoyable experience. PLEASE LET US HELP YOU!

Club Fitting Help

Below are some images to help you get the correct information to me.

1. Wrist Crease to Floor Measurement when Standing Erect:

Wrist crease to floor

2. Hand Size:

Hand Size

3. Longest Finger Length:

Longest Finger Length

4. Length of Backswing:

Hands shoulder height or lower Hands higher than shoulders

5. Normal Shot Direction:

Face Angle correction

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