Condor Club Fitting

Wrist-to-Floor Length:
Your Height:
Average 18-Hole Score:
Normal Shot Direction on mishits:
Normal Backswing Length; Swing Tempo:
Wrist Cock Release Point:
Desired Ball Flight:
Average Driver Distance:
% of Straight, solid Drives:
Measured Swing Speed (Driver):
(Max 3 Characters)
Average 7-Iron Distance:
% of Straight, Solid Iron Shots:
Average 7-Iron Distance on Unsolid Shots:
Measured Swing Speed Irons:
(Max 50 Characters)
Measured Spin Rate:
(Max 75 Characters)
Wrist Crease to End of Longest Finger:
Measure Longest Finger:
Hand Problems (Arthritis):
Lie Angle: Information
Club Brand:
Select Woods:
(Max 50 Characters)
Select Hybrids:
(Max 50 Characters)
Select Irons:
(Max 50 Characters)
Best Driver Neck Design:
Best Driver Loft:
Fairway Wood Loft:
(Max 50 Characters)
Metalwoods Face Angle:
Shaft for Metalwoods:
(Max 75 Characters)
Shaft for Irons:
(Max 75 Characters)
(Max 75 Characters)
Grip Color (PURE Grips Only):
Wood Prices:
(Max 250 Characters)
Iron Prices:
(Max 250 Characters)

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