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Condor XDS 8-Club Beginner Set

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Set Includes Driver, 2 Fairway Woods, 5-Irons:
Your Height:
Measure Wrist Crease-to-Floor:
Normal 18-Hole Score (Ability):
Shafts (Driver Air Distance on Level Ground):
Grip / Size: Information



XDS Driver features a titanium body with a lighter crown and increased head mass for greater energy transfer to the ball as well as optimal forgiveness. The ultra-thin, variable thickness face increases ball speed and distance.

XDS Fairway Woods (#7,  #9) are especially well-suited to those players who have trouble with consistency hitting long irons and mid irons. The low positioning of interior weight and the wider sole make them very easy to get airborne for any player.

XDS hybrid iron set is designed for mid and higher handicapped golfers to help them excel on the course and gain confidence in their skills. The hollow-bodied construction increased the MOI providing more forgiveness than a traditional cavity back design, while the thin, variable thickness cup-face construction allows the face to flex to increase ball speed and maximize distance. The thinner face also frees up weight that is moved low and rearward for increased trajectory and softer landings on the green. The set takes on a progressive look and shape to give golfers more assistance where it is needed most.

Right Hand Only

Product Warranty


Loft Angle Lie Angle Face Angle Std. Club Length
12° Driver 58° 1° Closed 44 1/4"
22° #7 Wood 59° 0° Square 41"
25° #9 Wood 60° 0° Square 40"
27° 6-Iron 61 1/2° N/A 37 1/2"
30° 7-Iron 62° N/A 37"
34° 8-Iron 63° N/A 36 1/2"
39° 9-Iron 63 1/2° N/A 36"
44° PW 64° N/A 36"


Shaft Selection

1. Select Your Average Score
2. Select Best Description of Your Backswing Length as shown below:

Backswing Length Hands Shoulder Height or Lower

Backswing LengthHands Higher Than Shoulders

3. Select Best Description of Your Downswing Force
4. Select Best Description of Your Wrist Cock Release Point on Downswing as shown below:

Tom Wishon shows Wrist Release on Downswing

Early Release means the downswing to the ball is started with the hands. Generally done by beginners or higher scoring players who score 90 +.
Midway Release means the downswing to the ball is started with some body movement before the hands start to uncock. Generally done by Intermediate Players who score 82 - 89.
Late Release means the downswing to the ball is started by weight shift in the legs, followed by the trunk of the body and finally the hands uncocking very near impact with the ball. Always done by advanced players who score 70 - 74.

5. Select Best Description of Your Average Air Distance (Do not exaggerate)


Velocity Graphite
Velocity Graphite (68g, Players who Score 90 +)

Backswing Length: Any Length of Backswing
Downswing Force: Average, with some force and energy
Wrist Cock Release Point on Downswing: Early (Players who score 90 +)
Average Air Distance on Level Ground Using a Driver:
0 - 165 yards:  Flexible
165 - 185 yards: Senior/Lite
185 - 205 yards:  Regular
205 - 225 yards:  Firm


Karma Velour
Karma Velour
Qualities: Medium Feel, Tacky, Good Traction
Grip Sizes (Hand Size): Standard (7" - 7.75"), Midsize (7.75" - 8.75"), Jumbo (8.75" - 9.25")

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