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Free Club Fitting

We want to help you get the best golf clubs for your golf game and we appreciate that you are willing to take your time to answer our free online club fitting. Our only request is that you answer ALL questions on this form honestly. Having been in the golf business for 47 years and fit hundreds of thousands of golfers, we can easily identify when someone is not being truthful and honest. If this happens, we will not reply to your club fitting request.

Thank you.

Male or Female:
Wrist-to-Floor Measurement (inches) Stand Erect):
Hand Size:
Iron you have the most confidence hitting:
Brand of Current Metalwoods (Put None if you don't have clubs):
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Normal Ball Contact:
What is the yardage of the course you normally play:
Length of Backswing:
Amount of Force on Downswing:
Wrist Cock Release Point on Downswing:
Skill Level (Normal 18-Hole Score):
Current Driver Loft Angle:
Shaft / Flex on Current Driver (All information please):
Normal Drive Distance:
Average Drive Direction:
Percentage of Solidly Hit Drives:
Percentage of Straight Drives (Less than 15 yards offline):
Average Ball Flight Trajectory:
Shaft / Flex on Current Irons (All Information Please):
Normal 7-Iron Distance:
Percentage of Solidly Hit 7-Iron Shots:
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