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Most amateur golfers (beginners and experienced players) have these characteristics:

1. Grip the club much too tight

2. Swing with a very fast tempo (at least on the backswing and / or beginning of the downswing

3. Slow down (decelerate) the tempo just before impact with the ball

4. Use a chopping stroke rather than a swing

5. Have bad to poor balance on the feet from start of the swing to end of swing.

6. Over analyze every single movement with body, arms hands and feet throughout the swing

7. Select the wrong club on each shot

8. Overestimate ability


Balance During the Golf Swing

Every good golf swing must include good balance. Maintain your balance and you can swing the clubhead to the ball with speed and accuracy. Lose your balance and the swing loses rhythm and falls apart.

  • The most important balance checkpoint during the swing is the follow-through.
  • Since the entire swing takes less than 3 seconds, your only swing thought should be the balance at the end of the swing.
  • Finish in balance and it's a good bet your entire swing was in balance.
  • Learn to pose on the follow-through as if someone was taking your picture.

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