Hindsight Putters by Condor Golf

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Hindsight Putter is scientifically designed to get the ball rolling forward sooner by using three key features in unison - a Forward Press, Roll Face Technology and Face Grooves.
  Curved roll face  The Roll face technology creates the proper amount of loft to extract the ball from any indentation and get the ball rolling as quickly as possible for better distance control. The 3° Forward Press creates a fluid, rhythmic stroke, but more importantly to keep the hands moving through the stroke.
  Face Grooves  Face Grooves help lift the ball out of it's own depression in the grass to get a smoother roll.


This putter incorporates a 3° forward press in the shaft
Play: Right Hand Only
Head Material: Stainless Steel
Face Material: Rolled, Grooved Stainless Steel (Very Important!)
Head Finish: White paint on top and sole; Face is polished stainless steel

Stepless Steel Putter Shaft

UST Frequency Filtered Putter Shaft
This radically new putter shaft design improves the ability of all players to perceive or feel where ball impact occurs on the face. This instantaneous feedback results in improved putting ability since the player learns to consistently stroke more putts on the sweet spot of the putter. Feel becomes clearer and so does the confidence to make solid contact to sink more putts.

Filtering Diffuser in the mid-section filters out higher, unwanted vibrations. Therefore, only the true feeling of the ball impacting the putter face is released to the hands.
Standard Size
PURE Grips Standard Putter (Available in Black, Blue, Red, White)
Pure Midsize
PURE Grips Midsize (Available in Black, Blue, Red, White)
Pure Oversize
PURE Grips Big Dog Oversize (Available in Black, Blue, Red, White)
Golf Pride Wrap
Golf Pride Wrap
Golf Pride Tour SNSR
Golf Pride Tour SNSR

Lamkin Sink


Loft Angle Lie Angle Head Weight Std. Length
72° 360 grams 34.5"


Hindsight Putter has a 60 gram counter weight installed inside the shaft at the end of the grip to provide a smooth consistent putting stroke.

Golfers who putt well have a high level of fine motor control skill. That simply means they have the neuro-muscular ability to move and control objects with their hands at slower speeds in a consistent, repeating and very precise manner. For those of us who do not have fine motor control, by putting a substantial amount of weight in the end of the putter shaft, our hands now feel that heavier weight and are better able to move in a more consistent, repeating manner.
Golfers who have proven to improve their putting with a counter weight all have one or more of the following putting habits:
  • Tendency to both pull and push putts off line
  • A higher than average incidence of off center hit putts
  • Inconsistency with distance control – some putts short and some putts long
  • The path of the putter back and through the ball can be jerky, not very smooth and rhythmic
Knuckle to Floor Measurement Putter Length
29" 32"
29.5" 32.5"
30" 33"
30.5" 33.5"
31" 34"
31.5" 34.5"
32" 35"
32.5" 35.5"
33" 36"
33.5" 36.5"
34" 37"

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