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Golfers Play Better with Condor Custom Clubs

Condor Golf presents easy-to-understand detailed information about the shafts that we offer. Here is an example:

S2S White Graphite (67g, Torque 4 0°- 3.8°)
1. Your Average Score: 85 +
2. Your Average Drive Distance: 150 - 265 yards
3. Your Backswing Length: Hands shoulder height or Lower OR Hands higher than shoulders
4. Your Downswing Force: Average, with some force and energy
5. Your Wrist Cock Release Point: Midway on downswing

If your golf ability or swing does not have these tendencies, look at a different shaft.

Golfers should be told why certain shafts will make them play better and more consistently. Condor Golf is not only fitting custom golf clubs but educating the golfer about the various parts of the club...something we've done since we started making custom clubs in 1975.

Yellow Lab
Daphne's Dog Club Covers

Select From 15 Dogs
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Wishon Future Pro Junior Clubs
Wishon Future Pro Junior Clubs

$7.95 Flat Rate Shipping
Custom Fit

Wishon 730CL Set for Slow Swingers
Wishon 730CL Beginner Set

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Custom Fit


Most "Adjustable" Clubs in the Golf Industry

Wishon Driver face angle and lie angle can be bent +/- 4° in any direction for an exact driver that fits your swing plus it has Graduated Roll Technology - a unique vertical face design that delivers a far more consistent launch angle over the entire club face.

Wishon 919THI Drivers