Juggernaut Draw Illegal Driver

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Juggernaut, noun: a massive inexorable force or object that crushes whatever is in its path

Juggernaut Draw Driver has an offset neck that launches the ball straighter because the impact happens closer to the center of the club face with less side spin. When the drive is launched straighter with less side spin, less energy is lost at impact. This extra energy is transferred to the ball making your drive not only straighter but longer. If you slice or fade tee shots, this is the driver to buy. Golfers who struggle with a fade, push or even slice should be aware of this terminology and how it could very well help you to hit the ball straighter and further.

Draw Biased vs. Closed Faced

One should not confuse the difference between a closed face angle and a draw bias clubhead. Face angle is the direction the face points relative to the target. Yes, a closed face club can help start the ball far enough left to correct for when the ball fades or slices. This of course assumes that the player does not compensate and open up the face at address to make it look square.

Draw bias has to deal with creating a draw spin or at least encouraging the ball to produce a draw ball flight. Where a golf ball ultimately lands is caused by a few factors such as how open or closed the face is at impact and the swing path of the golfer. Normally when a golf ball impacts the center of the face a draw is created by an inside/out path. For example a 2° inside/out path with a 1° closed face angle would create draw spin. But with a draw biased club it is possible to create a draw spin with a center impact and a square face angle and straight path toward the target line. The latter would normally produce a straight ball flight only.

This club cannot be used in sanctioned tournaments because it's too LARGE and too HOT!

Technical Features

Head Material: 100% Titanium Body
Head Size: 515 cc (Regulation Size is 460 cc)
Finish: Black PVD on Crown, Side Skirt, Sole, Face

Free Club Cover
Club CoverVintage style headcovers are constructed from foam-backed polyurethane, which looks like leather and provides maximum protection.

Standard Specifications

Loft Angle Lie Angle Face Angle Face Offset Std. Length
10.5° 58° 1° Hook 10 mm 44.5"


S2S Graphite are the most consistent shafts in the golf industry as well as being the longest hitting. When it comes to selecting the shaft, you must be completely honest about your AVERAGE golf ability.

S2S Green

S2S Green Graphite
Average Score: 95 +
Average Drive Distance: 0 - 180 yards
Backswing Length: Hands shoulder height or lower OR Hands higher than shoulders
Downswing Force: Smooth, rhythmic with little force
Wrist Cock Release Point: Early to Midway on Downswing

S2S White

S2S White Graphite
Average Score: 85 +
Average Drive Distance: 170 - 230 yards
Backswing Length: Hands shoulder height or lower OR Hands higher than shoulders
Downswing Force: Averge with some force and energy
Wrist Cock Release: Midway on Downswing

S2S Black 65

S2S Black 65 Graphite
Average Score: 75 - 85
Average Drive Distance: 230 - 260 yards
Backswing Length: Hands shoulder height or lower OR Hands higher than shoulders
Downswing Force: Average to Fast (aggressive and forceful)
Wrist Cock Release: Midway OR Late on Downswing

S2S Black 85

S2S Black 85 Graphite
Average Score: 75 +
Average Drive Distance: 245 - 300 yards
Backswing Length: Hands Shoulder Height or Lower
Downswing Force: Fast, aggressive and forceful
Wrist Cock Release: Late on Downswing


We offer the finest golf grips from PURE Grips, Lamkin and Golf Pride. They are available in all sizes to fit your hands. PURE Grips are available in 4 colors.

Pure Pro Velvet

PURE Grips Pro Velvet - Medium, Tacky, Good Traction (Available in Black, Blue, Red, White)

Pure Wrap Style

PURE Grips Wrap Style - Soft, Very Tacky (Available in Black, Blue, Red, White)

Pure DTX

PURE DTX - Firm Feel, Maximum Traction (Available in Black, Blue, Red, White)

Lamkin REL

Lamkin REL - Soft Feel, Very Tacky, Shock Absorbing, Good Traction (Black Only)

Lamkin Crossline

Lamkin Crossline - Medium Feel, Good Traction (Available in Black Only)

Lamkin Wrap Tech

Lamkin Wrap Tech - Wrap Style, Good Traction (Available in Black Only)

Lamkin Z5

Lamkin Z5 - Medium Feel, Multi-Compound, Multi-Zone for Excellent Traction (Available in Red/White)

Lamkin Z5 Tour Taper

Lamkin Z5 Tour Taper - Medium Feel, Multi-Compound, Multi-Zone for Excellent Traction, Larger outside diameter in the bottom section of the grip promotes lighter grip pressure and helps to stabilize the lower hand for straighter, more controlled shots (Black/Gray)

Golf Pride Tour Wrap

Golf Pride Tour Wrap - Medium Feel (Available in Black Only)

Golf Pride Tour Velvet

Golf Pride Tour Velvet - Medium Feel, Good Traction (Available in Black Only)


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