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Condor Custom Golf Clubs

Hand Made To Fit Each Golfer

Wishon Single Length Irons

Wishon Sterling Irons - Ultimate Single Length Irons

Wishon Single Length Irons deliver a seamless transition for shot distance with each club compared to a conventional set, while at the same time offering the main benefit of the Single Length concept of identical swing feel for every club.

 #5, 6, 7 irons all have slightly stronger lofts to ensure no loss of distance for these clubs compared to a conventional set.

#8 through SW are made in 5° loft increments to also ensure not hitting the ball too far compared to a conventional set.

Wishon Single Length is designed to be built to 36.5" (8-iron). These are shorter lengths than other single length sets by intent to offer better shot consistency and a higher percentage of on center hits.

All of the Wishon clubheads are bendable for lie and loft by +/- 2°.

Contact us with any questions about the Wishon Single Length Irons!

Wishon Sterling Irons® Single Length clubs are designed for all golfers, however they can dramatically assist players who score 85 or higher.

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Game Improvement Clubs for Higher Scoring Golfers

Condor Golf specializes in building custom clubs for golfers who need the most help, the inconsistent golfer who struggles with accuracy and distance. These players also need a far different "set make-up" (meaning a few less clubs in the bag) plus replacing long irons with high loft fairway woods. This type of set make-up will reward the golfer with longer, straighter and higher shots from both fairway and rough which makes the game much easier and enjoyable. Our custom fit clubs also use shafts that pinpoint the exact flex that each golfer needs for better shot-making. Will it transform a 95 shooter into a 70's player? No, but it will make it easier for that 95 shooter to easily score low 90's or high 80's on a consistent basis.

XDS Driver & Fairway Woods (#7, #9, #11)

XV High Flight Irons (#7 - Gap Wedge)

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