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We believe that one of the best driving clubs in the entire golf industry is the Wishon 919THI Driver. It has many unique features that other name brand drivers do not have.

1. Ability to get the proper loft angle for your swing and ability. The 919THI comes in 9°, 11°, 13° and 15° loft angles. However, we can hand select a driver at +/- 1° from those lofts. With this many loft angles, the 919THI can fit accomplished players as well as beginning golfers.

2. The face angle (which helps determine the direction of the drive) can be ordered from 4° Open (hook correction) to 0° Square to 4° Closed (slice correction). This is NOT the case with ANY name brand driver. If you hit a big slice or a slight fade, we can correct for either one. This change of face angle is totally independent from the loft angle (unlike name brand "Adjustable Drivers.")

3. The lie angle can be bent from 4° flat lie to 4° upright lie angle. This fitting option helps players who are either shorter in stature or who hold their hands at a lower position during the swing OR taller players who hold their hands slightly higher during the swing. This is also done independently from the face angle and loft angle.

4. The 919THI also has the ability to add extra weight inside the head for players wanting a heavier head or if the player needs a shorter length shaft.

5. The 919THI has Graduated Roll Technology. This is a unique vertical face design that ensures more consistent loft up and down the face. As driver heads have become larger, driver face heights have also increased. Other companies choose to use a typical 10" to 12" vertical roll radius up and down the face, the loft of the driver will be as much as 3-4° lower on the bottom of the face and 3-4° higher on the top of the face. For golfers to achieve a consistent launch angle with such drivers, they have to develop the skill to hit the ball in an area the size of a thumbtack! Graduated Roll Technology face design delivers a far more consistent launch angle over the entire club face for much more consistent distance and flight for every type of golfer.

6. 919THI has the most complete lineup for shafts in the entire golf market. Shaft weights from 45 grams to 85 grams are available plus a variety of shaft flex characteristics...butt stiff / center soft / tip stiff all the way to butt soft / center soft / tip soft. Condor Golf will help select the best shaft for your swing speed and ability.


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