Recommended Driver Lofts

Condor Golf Recommended Driver Loft

Many golfers select the wrong driver loft for their ability and strength. Below are average distances for different driver lofts. The yardage shaded in yellow would show the correct driver loft for type of player listed in the left column. For example, if you swing 90 mph, notice that when using a 12° loft driver, you will actually hit the ball 16 yards further than you would if you hit a 9.5° driver loft (245 yards vs. 229 yards).

Have you ever wondered why you sometimes hit your 3-wood or even your 5-wood as far or even further than you hit your driver? Now you know why.

If you are a beginner or an occasional golfer, select the highest loft available.

Total Distance in Yards for Carry + Roll

Swing Speed (mph) Driver Loft (9.5°) Driver Loft (10.5°) Driver Loft (12°) Driver Loft (14°)
< 50 mph 81 yards 87 yards 93 yards 96 yards
60 + mph 117 yards 127 yards 133 yards 137 yards
70 mph 155 yards 164 yards 171 yards 176 yards
80 mph 198 yards 206 yards 212 yards 216 yards
90 mph 229 yards 237 yards 245 yards 240 yards
100 mph (Men Scoring < 80) 262 yards 269 yards 265 yards 258 yards
110 mph (Men Scoring < 75) 295 yards 288 yards 281 yards 273 yards

The total distances shown here are achieved using a level angle of attack into the ball with average fairway conditions at sea level. If you have an upward level of attack, you can use a slightly lower loft. If you swing with a downward angle of attack, you will need to use a higher loft angle.