Shank-Proof Chippers

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 "Demo" Chippers at a 70% off the regular price. They are in like new condition with minor marks on the sole.

Shank-Proof Chippers are designed for golfers who experience problems with "shanking" short chip shots and pitch shots around the green.

We have two different types of Chippers:

1. The "Chipper" has the loft of an 8-Iron for lower flight and longer distance to the cup.

2. The "Flipper" has the loft of a Pitching Wedge for higher flight and shorter distance to the cup.

• Both club heads weigh 331 grams which is much heavier than a normal 8-Iron or Pitching Wedge to provide excellent feel for the shot. Both heads also have an extremely wide sole to prevent scuffing or topping of the chip and pitch shots. Both heads are "Shank-proof."

How comfortable are you at pulling a wedge out of your bag to cozy the ball near the hole in those situations? If the answer to that is not very good, then the Shank-Proof Chippers allow you to finally make a more controlled shot that stops closer to the cup EVERY TIME!

Long drives are nice, but the key to lower scores is short game...the Shank-Proof Chippers will lower your score.

Head Material: 431 Stainless Steel
Finish: High Polish
Head Weight: 331 grams (this heavier weight is the secret to this club)


Loft Angle Lie Angle Std. Club Length
37° 72° 34"
46° 72° 34"