SMT Indio Offset Driver

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Right Hand Only
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6 - 8 Business Days
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Loft 10.5° 12°
Lie 59° 59°
Face Angle 2.5° Hook 2.5° Hook

Club Description

The SMT Indio Offset 460cc Titanium Driver is designed to be ultra-forgiving and engineered specifically for golfers who require maximum draw bias.
The low center of gravity, heel weighting, closed face angle and offset hosel promote straighter and higher launching drives and will help eliminate your slice.
Head Material: 6/4 Titanium


Product Warranty

Custom Fitting

Fitting Club Length & Grip Size

Club Length Measuring

Length Fitting
Stand on flat surface and place your arms in a relaxed position by your sides. For best accuracy, have another person help in measuring from the wrist crease to the floor.

Grip Size Measuring

Fitting Hand Size
Measure Hand (as shown in picture) before selecting the correct grip size


SMT Bassara Graphite
SMT Bassara Graphite ($22) (65 grams)
Golfers who normally score 85 - 95
SMT Argent 55
SMT Argent 55 ($42) (53 grams)
Golfers who normally score 85 - 95
SMT Argent 45
SMT Argent 45 ($42) (46 grams)
Golfers who normally score 85 - 95


SMT Velvet Grip
SMT Velvet ($0)
Star Grip Sidewinder
Star Grip Sidewinder ($10)
Star Grip Wrap
Star Grip Classic Wrap ($10)
Lamkin Crossline
Lamkin Crossline ($10)
Golf Pride Tour Wrap
Golf Pride Tour Wrap ($10)
CP2 Tour
Golf Pride CP2 Pro Reduced Taper ($10)
Golf Pride Tour Velvet
Golf Pride Tour Velvet ($10)
CP2 Wrap
Golf Pride CP2 Wrap Reduced Taper ($10)

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