SPOT Adjustable Putter by Condor Golf

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Putter Model:
Knuckle-to-Floor Length Measurement:
Putting Posture:
Your Normal Putting Stroke:
Putter Grip (Size):



By simply determining which direction your putts normally go and what your putting stroke is like, we can custom manufacture the Spot Adjustable Putter to correct for inconsistent putting.

Eliminate 3-putting and lower your score. Scientifically engineered like no other putter.

Adjustable Neck Position

Intermost position: for a straight back and through stroke

Middle Position: for a slight arc stroke

Outermost Position: for a pronounced arc stroke


Length Fitting (1st Knuckle to Floor Measurement)

Putter Length
Stand Erect. Make a Fist with your hands.  Measure from the First Knuckle to the floor (as shown in the image).

Free Shipping in continental USA
Normally Ships in 4 - 6 Business Days
Right Hand Only
Head Material: Stainless Steel
Stroke Path: All Strokes due to Adjustable neck
Face Grooves help the ball rolling smoother to stay on line

Loft Lie Length
72° 34.5"


Stepless Steel Putter

Stepless Steel Putter


Karma Velour Black Paddle (66 grams)
Qualities: Soft, Tacky feel
Size: Standard

Dual Touch

Dual Touch Blue
Karma Dual Touch (85 grams)
Qualities: Tacky feel, Multiple Surface Pattern
Size: Midsize

Karma Big Softy Black
Karma Big Softy Blue
Karma Big Softy Red
Karma Big Softy (155g)
Qualities: Ergonomic shape, Extremely Soft Feel
Size: Oversize

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