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Swing Science FC-One Plus Cavity Demo 6-Iron

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Maximum Quantity: 1
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You will be contacted when the order is received to get more information. The Demo Club(s) will be shipped to you for a 4-day trial period. Due to high customer demand, we suggest that you schedule the time when you can spend 4 days trying out the clubs.

The club must be returned on the 5th day after you receive whether you have used them or not. There will be NO REFUNDS FOR ANY REASON. The club must be returned in the same condition as when you received. Any damage to the club will be charged to you. If you fail to return the club, you will charged the full retail price of the club. NO EXCEPTIONS!

On the 5th day day after you receive the club, you will:
1. Re-pack the club into the shipping box using all of the packing materials that came with the box
2. Seal the box with tape
3. Attach the prepaid shipping label
4. Take them to any USPS shipping location

Try Before Buying Demo Clubs is ONLY available to customers in the continental USA.

Ground Shipping in the continental USA is Free

The FC-One Plus model will provide help by having an extremely wide sole, thicker top line and plenty of offset. This is definitely a "user friendly" clubhead that will get the ball airborne with minimal effort.

The "undercut cavity" in this iron is designed to put a massive amount of weight behind the ball and extremely low for the ultimate forgiving iron.

A more "reactive face" helps the ball jump off the club with serious ball speed behind it. It adds to the forgiveness too – the ball speed is high wherever you hit it on the face.

The sole is beveled (or rounded) in such a way that it can easily be hit from a variety of lies you might encounter on the course...short grass from the center of the fairway or deeper grass in the rough.

Any player with a slower swing speed (average 5-Iron distance less than 160 yards) will see HUGE benefits from hitting the FC-One Plus irons.


Right Hand Only
Head Material: Investment Cast 431 Stainless Steel
Player Profile (Normal Score): Beginner (95+), Intermediate (90-94)


Loft Angle: 29° #6
Lie Angle: 62.5° #6
Club Length (Steel): 37.25" #6


FC-One 950
FC-One Multi-Step Lite Regular Steel (105g)
If Your Normal Score Is: 85 +
If Your Backswing Length Is: Hands Higher than Shoulders or Hands Shoulder Height or Lower
If Your Downswing Force Is: Average, with some force and energy
If Your Wrist Cock Release Point on Downswing Is: Early OR Midway
If Your Normal 7-Iron Distance Is:
125 - 145 yards, → Regular (R)


Hand Size Measure Hand (as shown in picture) before selecting the correct grip and size

Pure Grips Wrap
Qualities: Soft, Very Tacky
Grip Sizes (Hand Size): Standard (7" - 8.25"), Midsize (8.25" - 9.25")

Pure Grips Pro Velvet
Qualities: Medium, Tacky, Good Traction
Grip Sizes (Hand Size): Undersize (6.5" - 7"), Standard (7" - 8.25"), Midsize (8.25" - 9.25")

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