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Swing Science FC-One Pro Forged Irons

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Normally Ships: 4 - 5 Business Days
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Player Profile (Score): Well Advanced (74 - 78)

This exotic design features advanced CNC milling to better control weight distribution to precise areas where weight is needed which can not be done with a standard forged iron. The result is a players club with great looks and outstanding playability characteristics.

The QPQ Black finish is extremely durable unlike other black finish club heads. The process starts with a standard salt bath nitrocarburizing cycle, which produces a layer of iron nitride. Next, the club head is mechanically polished; typical polishing processes include vibratory finishing, lapping, and centerless grinding. Finally, the club head is re-immersed into the salt quench bath for 20 to 30 minutes, rinsed, and oil dipped. This last step optimizes the corrosion resistance by creating a layer of iron oxide about 3 to 4 micrometers thick. It also gives the club head a black finish.

The FC-One Pro Forged requires a Taper Tip .355 shaft.

Features and Specifications

Right Hand Only
Head Material: 1025 Carbon Steel
CNC Machined Face and Grooves
Std. Length (Graphite): + .5" longer than steel
Finish: Nickel / Chrome or QPQ (Quench / Polish / Quench) Black Finish

Loft Lie (Bendable +/- 2°) Length (Steel)
24° (4) 61° 38.5"
27° (5) 62° 38"
30° (6) 62.5° 37.5"
34° (7) 63° 37"
38° (8) 63.5° 36.5"
42° (9) 64° 36"
47° (PW) 64° 36"

Shaft Options

Grip Options

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