Synchron High Loft Fairway Woods

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Length Fitting (Wrist to Floor Measurement) & Grip Size Fitting (Wrist to End of Longest Finger)

Stand on flat surface and place your arms in a relaxed position by your sides. Measure from the wrist crease to the floor (as shown in the image).

Measure Hand (as shown in picture) before selecting the correct grip size

Synchron Utility High Loft Metalwoods are some of the best selling utility clubs of all time because of their proven ease of play.

The low center of gravity plus more flexible shafts will result in a higher trajectory allowing the ball to stop on a dime. Dual sole rails cut through the most difficult rough, but still easy to hit from close cut fairways due to the shallow face height and low center of gravity. Higher loft utility fairways will hit the ball higher and one to two clubs longer than the same loft of an iron or hybrid. This is because they are lighter overall weight plus longer length to generates more clubhead speed.

Please take the time to review all the information about shafts and grips before making your selection.

Right Hand and Left Hand
Finish: Black Paint on crown, side skirt; polished sole and face

Product Warranty


Loft Lie Face Angle Volume  Std. Length
24° (7) 61° 1° Hook 125cc 41"
28° (9) 62° 1° Hook 120cc 40 1/2"
31° (11) 62.5° 1° Hook 120cc 40"
34° (13) 63° 1° Hook 110cc 39 1/2"
37° (15) 63.5° 1° Hook 100cc 39"


Velocity Graphite
Velocity Graphite (68g, Players who Score 90 +)

Backswing Length: Any Length of Backswing
Downswing Force: Average, with some force and energy
Wrist Cock Release Point on Downswing: Early (Players who score 90 +)
Average Air Distance on Level Ground Using a Driver:
125 - 145 yards:  Flexible
145 - 165 yards: Senior/Lite
165 - 185 yards:  Regular
185 - 205 yards:  Firm


If you have any hand problems (joint pain, Arthritis) and you want to try a slightly larger grip, add a note to your order on the Check-out page.

Karma Velour
Karma Velour
Qualities: Medium Feel, Tacky, Good Traction
Grip Sizes (Hand Size): Standard (7" - 7.75"), Midsize (7.75" - 8.75")
Karma Oversize Plus
Karma Oversize Plus
Qualities: Firm Feel, Tacky, Good Traction
Grip Size (Hand Size): Oversize (+ 9.25")
Star Grip Sidewinder
Star Grip Sidewinder
Qualities: Medium Feel, Tacky, Good Traction
Grip Sizes (Hand Size): Standard (7" - 7.75"), Midsize (7.75" - 8.75")
Star Grip Wrap
Star Grip Classic Wrap
Qualities: Soft, Very Tacky
Grip Sizes (Hand Size): Standard (7" - 7.75"), Midsize (7.75" -8.75")

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