Synchron Utility Metalwoods

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Synchron Utility High Loft Metalwoods are some of the best selling utility clubs of all time because of their proven ease of play. The dual sole rails cut through the most difficult rough, but still easy to hit from close cut fairways due to the shallow face height and low center of gravity.

Higher loft utility fairways will hit the ball higher and and one to two clubs longer than the same loft of an iron or hybrid. This is because they are lighter overall weight and longer lengths to generate more clubhead speed. The low center of gravity plus more flexible shafts will result in a higher trajectory allowing the ball to stop on a dime.

Features and Specifications

Right Hand Only
Face Angle: 1° Closed
Finish: Black Paint on crown, side skirt; polished sole and face

Loft Lie
31° (11) 62.5°
34° (13) 63°


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