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Here is the opportunity to try Wishon Irons before you make a purchase. We have 771CSI conventional length irons (6I, 7I, 8I) and Sterling Single Length Irons (5I, 7I, 9I).

You will be contacted by phone once the order is received. We will ship our Wishon demo irons to you for a 4-day trial period. The 771CSI give you chance to hit a 1020 Carbon steel head with conventional iron lengths. The Sterling Single Length irons allow the golfer to use the same stance, same posture, same swing plane for improved shot consistency. We will install the grip that you select with the proper grip sizing to fit your hands.

On the 5th day day after you receive the clubs, you will:
1. Re-pack the clubs into the shipping box using all of the packing materials that came with the box
2. Seal the box with tape
3. Attach the prepaid shipping label
4. Take them to any Fed Ex shipping location

Due to high customer demand, we suggest that you carefully schedule the time when you can spend 4 days trying out our clubs. The clubs must be returned on the 5th day after you receive whether you have used them or not. There will be NO REFUNDS FOR ANY REASON. The clubs must be returned in the same condition as when you received. If any damage occurs to any part of the clubs, you will be charged for the repairs. If you fail to return the clubs, you will charged the full retail price of the clubs. NO EXCEPTIONS!

For customers in the continental USA ONLY.

Technical Features

Play: Right Hand Only


S2S Graphite
S2S Graphite
Avg. Score: 85 +
Avg. 5-Iron Distance: 130 - 175 yards
Backswing Length: Hands shouder height or lower OR Hands higher than shoulders
Wrist Cock Release Point: Midway on Downswing


Pure Wrap
PURE Grips Wrap Style - Soft, Very Tacky
PURE Pro Velvet
PURE Grips Pro Velvet - Medium Feel, Tacky, Excellent Traction
PURE DTX - Firm Feel, Maximum Traction

Single Length

Loft Angle Lie Angle Offset Std Length
23° #5 63° 4 mm 36.75"
31° #7 63° 3.5 mm 36.75"
40° #9 63° 3 mm 36.75"

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