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Wishon 318RS Custom Hybrids

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Graduated Roll Technology
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Wishon 318RS Hybrids deliver distance beyond normal for cast hybrid head designs

318RS Hybrids have increased body weight at the rear of the head which combines with the heavy Rail sole-construction to create a lower/more rear Center of Gravity for higher launch and softer landing on the greens. The Face Progression is between an iron and fairway wood to enable golfers to play it with the same ball position and swing motion as an iron of the same loft.

Graduated Roll Technology - a unique vertical face design that produces the same loft angle up and down the face. GRT face design delivers a far more consistent launch angle over the entire club face for much more consistent distance and flight for every skill level.

Premium features:
Most accurate club head specifications in the entire golf industry
Best golf shafts (Wishon S2S) in the industry for quality and playability. This shaft has a .335 tip diameter that gets the ball airborne with a superior trajectory.
Loft angle can be ordered +/- 1° from standard loft angles.
Face angle and lie angle bendable +/- 2° in any direction (NOT available on any other brand).
Extremely high moment of inertia which results in accurate ball flight.

Features and Specifications

Right Hand Only
Head Material: Investment Cast 431 Stainless Steel
Standard Loft Angles: 22° (3), 25° (4), 28° (5)
Loft Angles Hand Select +/- 1°
Standard Lie Angles: 58° (3), 59° (4), 60° (5)
Lie Angle Bendable: +/- 2°
Face Angle Bendable: +/- 2°
Standard Club Length: 39" (3), 38.5" (4), 38" (5)
Finish: Black on crown, sole and face; Red on side skirt

Club Fitting

Lie Angle Fitting
If your Wrist-to-Floor Measurement is:
34" to 36", select Standard Lie
33" to 34", select 1° Flat Lie
32" to 33", select 2° Flat Lie
36" to 37", select 1° Upright Lie
37" to 38", select 2° Upright Lie

Shaft Options

S2S Graphite Shafts are measured for frequency in seven Bend Profile Design points for a precision fit. For the best fitting shaft, select based on the order shown below. These graphite shafts are designed specifically for Wishon hybrids. They have a .335 tip diameter rather than a normal .370 tip diameter. This smaller tip diameter provides optimum height on all hybrid shots.

S2S Blue Graphite
S2S Blue
1. Your Average Score: 90+
2. Your Average 5-Iron Distance: 90 - 130 yards
3. Your Backswing Length: Absolutely MUST be hands higher than shoulders
4. Your Downswing Force: Smooth, rhythmic with little force
5. Your Wrist Cock Release: Midway on downswing

S2S White Graphite
S2S White
1. Your Average Score: 85 +
2. Your Average 5-Iron Distance: 125 - 185 yards
3. Your Backswing Length: Hands shoulder height or Lower OR Hands higher than shoulders
4. Your Downswing Force: Average, with some force and energy
5. Your Wrist Cock Release: Midway on downswing

S2S Black 85 Graphite
S2S Black 85
1. Your Average Score: 75 +
2. Your Average 5-Iron Distance: 145 - 200 yards
3. Your Backswing Length: Hands shoulder height or lower
4. Your Downswing Force: Fast, aggressive and forceful
5. Your Wrist Cock Release: Midway OR late on downswing

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