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Wishon 575MMC Forged Custom Irons

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Normally Ships: 4 - 5 Business Days
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1 - 3 $205.00
4+ $120.00
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Player Profile (Score): Well Advanced Golfers (74-77) wanting soft feel from a forged 1035 carbon steel head

Each 575MMC iron starts as a soft 1035C carbon steel raw forging with a completely blank and flat back. The back shape is then individually “carved” by precision CNC machining to ensure complete precision for the progressive center of gravity position and progressive MOI.

The 575MMC employ a more precise form of CNC machining to create a mixed set of cavity back #3 to 7 to muscle back #8 to Gap Wedge forged irons in a progressive back weight distribution design. Starting with the 3-iron, the back design of each cavity back iron is CNC machined to create a progressive cavity design that allows the cavity mass to progress from lowest on the #3 to slightly higher on each successive cavity back through the #7 iron. The progression of the back design continues in the muscle back #8 through wedges as Wishon Golf uses the precision CNC machining to allow the muscle back mass to progress from mid blade on the back of the #8 to highest on the PW and AW.

By employing smaller machining cutters, Wishon Golf has not only created a unique progressive rear weighting transition of the cavity to blade design, but with a finely grained milling effect that speaks clearly to the beauty and precision of this unique forged carbon steel design. In all honesty, the 575MMC forged irons will stand as one of the most beautiful player’s iron designs ever created.

The muscle back is available in mid to short irons. Fully machined muscle back #8 through wedges offers a classic, traditional design with modern high tech engineering. CNC Machined muscleback progresses the back weight from mid to higher.


Wishon S2S Steel and S2S Graphite shafts are the finest quality shafts in the world. Unlike other golf shafts, the S2S shafts use Swing Speed, Downswing Transition, Downswing Tempo, Wrist Cock Release Point and Golfers Strength. The Bend Profile is measured at 7 distinct points on the shaft for an absolutely precision fit. No other shaft company or OEM provides this information to the consumer.

Features and Specifications

Play Right Hand
Head Material: Forged 1035 Carbon Steel
Offset: 2mm
Standard Length (Graphite): + .5" longer than steel
Finish: Double Nickel chrome plate pearl finish

Shaft Options

Grip Options

Loft (Bendable +/- 4°) Lie (Bendable +/- 4°) Length (Steel)
20° (3) 58° 39"
23° (4) 59° 38.5"
26° (5) 60° 38"
30° (6) 61° 37.5"
34° (7) 62° 37"
38° (8) 63° 36.5"
42° (9) 64° 36"
46° (PW) 64° 36"
50° (GW) 64° 35.75"

Club Fitting

Loft Angle Fitting
This fitting is used to hit higher or lower shots depending on the golfers ability and swing tendencies.

Lie Angle Fitting
This fitting is used to hit more accurate iron shots. If a right handed golfer's iron shots normally go to the right, the lie angle should be made more upright. If the golfer's iron shots normally go to the left, the lie angle should be made flatter.

Customer Reviews

Reviewed by Dave S, 06/20/2015

First off, I would like to thank Gary at Condor Golf for his beyond great customer service. These irons are as good as it gets for a players iron that has a cb. Easily workable and feel and sound like butter. So happy with the quality and especially the look. Custom sticks that are made to your specs is the only way to go, let everyone else use off the rack clubs. Thank you Tom Wishon.