Wishon 730CL 8-Club Set

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730CL Driver & Fairway Woods

• Designed with a thinner face expressly for golfers with a swing speed of 80 mph or lower to increase ball velocity.  Golfers with a swing speed of 90mph or higher are NOT to use this driver.

• The 730CL driver is designed with a High Launch loft of 16° to match correctly with swing speeds lower than 80 mph to generate the proper launch angle for maximizing distance.

• The 730CL Long and High Fairway woods are 20° and 26° loft respectively, and are perfect lofts for a golfer with a sub-80 mph swing speed to use to get the ball up easily off the fairway and generate proper distance in between the two woods.

730CL Hybrid Irons

• 730CL hybrids are designed with 6° loft increments because golfers with a sub-80 mph wood swing speed do not achieve a useable distance difference between clubs made with less of a loft difference.

• Sub-80mph golfers who sweep the ball off the ground or who have difficulty hitting the ball high enough with conventional irons should opt for the all hybrid irons in the 730CL set

730CL PW & DW Wedges

• A perfect match and complement to the 730CL set for the <80 mph swing speed player are the PW (48°) and DW (54°).

• DW is a Dual Wedge, designed with the right balance of bounce sole angle for use in the sand or in tall grass around the greens.

• 730CL wedges are designed with a taller heel profile and more level topline slope angle, to better “frame” the ball on all shots. From the sand, the higher heel profile of the DW does help push more sand out behind the ball to assist the slower swinger in getting the ball out of the sand more consistently.

• Both PW and DW are designed with a 0.370″ bore to accept the matching 730CL wedge shafts.

• Graduated Roll Technology is a 20" Roll radius on the club face that ensures that the true loft of the club face is the same no matter where it is measured.

Graduated Roll Technology

Before ordering, be sure to read ALL information about Shaft Fitting, Grip Fitting and Club Fitting. For the most accurate fitting, please by very honest about your ability.

S2S Graphite Shafts offer golfers the absolute best fit and allows golfers to achieve success in their search for their perfect golf clubs.

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Loft Angles Lie Angles Std. Club Length
16° (Driver) 56° 43.5"
20° (Long Fairway) 56° 42"
26° (High Fairway) 57° 40.5"
30° (#5 Hybrid) 60° 38"
36° (#6/7 Hybrid) 61° 37"
42° (#8/9 Hybrid) 62° 36"
48° (PW) 63° 35.5"
54° (Dual Wedge) 63° 35.5"

Club Length

Measuring for Club Length Stand on flat surface and place your arms in a relaxed position by your sides. Measure from the wrist crease to the floor (as shown in the image).

Backswing Length

Backswing Length Hands Shoulder Height or Lower

Backswing Length Hands Higher Than Shoulders

Wrist Cock Release Point on Downswing

Tom Wishon shows Wrist Release on Downswing

1. Early Release: Hands uncock to begin the downswing.
2. Midway Release: Hands uncock 1/2 way.
3. Late Release: Hands uncock very near impact.

Wishon S2S Ruby Lite
S2S Ruby (65g, Torque 5.5°, Softer Tip for higher launch and higher flight)
Average Score: 100 +
Backswing Length: Hands shoulder height or lower or Hands higher than shoulders
Downswing Force: Smooth to Average (Some force)
Wrist Cock Release Point: Early on Downswing
Average Drive Distance:
0 - 150 yards, Select Flexible
150 - 180 yards, Select Senior

Wishon S2S White
S2S White (67g, Torque 4.0°- 3.8°, Average Tip for slightly higher launch and higher flight)
Average Score: 85 - 100
Backswing Length: Hands shoulder height or Lower OR Hands higher than shoulders
Downswing Force: Average, with some force and energy
Wrist Cock Release Point: Midway on Downswing
Average Drive Air Distance:
150 - 190 yards, Select Senior (A)

Hand Size Measure Hand (as shown in picture) before selecting the correct grip and size

Star Grip Sidewinder
Star Grip Sidewinder (Made in USA)
Qualities: Medium Feel, Tacky, Good Traction
Grip Sizes (Hand Size): Standard (7" - 7.75"), Midsize (7.75" - 8.75")

Star Grip Wrap
Star Grip Classic Wrap (Made in USA)
Qualities: Soft, Very Tacky
Grip Sizes (Hand Size): Standard (7" - 7.75"), Midsize (7.75" -8.75")