Wishon 730CL Clubs

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Wishon 730CL clubs are the best clubs in the market for players who have a slower swing speed (average drive less than 180 yards).

This would also include beginners or recreational golfers who only play a few rounds per year.

The 730CL set is actually a whole system of changes from a "regular" set of clubs. The club heads have increased lofts plus the set make up is only 8 clubs. This insures that there are distinct differences in distance that a slower swinging player will achieve, unlike "regular" clubs where players will hit 2 or even 3 clubs the same distance. You don't need 11, 12 or 13 clubs in a set...8 well designed clubs will serve you much better.

The shafts are also designed for higher flight which means the ball will actually go further.

Technical Features

Player Profile: Beginning Golfers or Slow Swinging Players who would benefit from higher lofted clubs, more flexible shafts and a greater loft separation between each club to achieve 10 - 12 yard distance increments between each club.
The 730CL Driver can be custom fit and bent +/- 2° Lie Angle. Players will benefit from the higher flight which produces longer distance. The 730CL driver also has a more solid sound at impact.
Fairway Woods match perfectly with the driver. The higher loft angles help players to get more distance and higher shots from fairway or rough.
Hybrids replace conventional irons as exceptionally easy hitting clubs. Notice the 6° difference in loft. This is done so that there is no "overlap" of distance.
Pitching Wedge can be used for full shots.
Dual Wedge is perfect for sand shots and pitching / chipping or in tall grass around the greens.
Play: Right Hand Only

Shipping Info

Free Ground Shipping in the continental USA
Normally Ships in 4 - 5 Business Days

Standard Specifications

Club Loft Angle Lie Angle Std Length (Men) Std. Length (Women)
Driver 16° 56° 44" 43"
Long Fairway 20° 57° 42.5" 41.5"
High Fairway 26° 57° 41" 40"
5-Hybrid Iron 30° 60° 38" 37"
6/7 Hybrid Iron 36° 61° 37" 36"
8/9 Hybrid Iron 42° 62° 36" 35"
Pitching Wedge 48° 63° 35.5" 34.5"
Dual Wedge 54° 63° 35" 34"


S2S Ruby Graphite

S2S Ruby LIte Graphite
Average Score: 90 or higher
Average Drive Distance: 0 - 180 yards
Backswing Length: Any Length of backswing
Wrist Cock Release: Early on Downswing or Midway on Downswing


PURE Grips Pro Velvet
Qualities: Medium, Tacky, Good Traction
Sizes: Undersize, Standard, Midsize (good for Arthritic hands)
Colors: Black, Blue, Red, White

PURE Grips Wrap

PURE Grips Wrap Style
Qualities: Soft, Very Tacky
Sizes: Standard, Midsize (excellent for Arthritic hands)
Colors: Black, Blue, Red, White


Qualities: Firm Feel, Maximum Traction
Sizes: Standard, Midsize
Colors: Black, Blue, Red, White

Wishon Burgundy Velvet

Wishon Burgundy Velvet - Standard Size ONLY

CP2 Tour

Golf Pride CP2 Tour
Qualities: Medium Feel, Reduced Taper (larger in lower hand)
Sizes: Standard, Midsize
Color: Black

CP2 Wrap

Golf Pride CP2 Wrap
Qualities: Very Soft Feel, Reduced Taper (larger in lower hand)
Sizes: Standard, Midsize
Color: Black

Customer Reviews

Reviewed by Judith M., 10/26/2017

Oh my god they are beautiful and so worth the wait! Even though theirs a part of me that doesn't want to use them because they are so lovely/valuable to me at the same time I can’t wait to get out there and use them because I am so lucky to have them.

I am sure I will have questions or things to share with you once I start using them.