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Wishon 771csi Left Hand Custom Irons

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Player Profile (Score): Intermediate (83-94), Advanced (78-82)

Made from 1020C carbon steel which produces a very soft feel unlike most large cavity back irons that are made of 431 stainless steel with a much harder feel. This model is designed with a head shape, size and profile that is very traditional. Also excellent if the player has a more extreme lie or loft fitting need.

The 771CSI has a sole width of 18mm which puts more weight at the bottom of the head for higher flight. There is also sufficient offset in the neck of the club to help square the face at impact for golfers who normally fade their iron shots.

Wishon 771CSI Irons have these features:

• Bendable loft angle: +/- 4° higher or lower (Exclusive on Wishon Irons)

• Bendable lie angle: +/- 4° upright or flat (Exclusive on Wishon Irons)

Features and Specifications

Play Left Hand
Standard Length (Graphite): + .5" longer than steel shaft length
Finish: Chrome Satin Finish

Loft (Bend +/- 4°) Lie (Bend +/- 4°) Length (Steel)
23° (4) 59° 38.5"
26° (5) 60° 38"
30° (6) 61° 37.5"
34° (7) 62° 37"
38° (8) 63° 36.5"
42° (9) 64° 36"
46° (PW) 64° 36"
50° (GW) 64° 35.75"

Shaft Options

Grip Options

Lie Angle Fitting

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