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Wishon 919F/D Driver

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Player Profile (Score): Intermediate (83-94), Advanced (78-82), Very Advanced (74-77)

919F/D Metalwood does not fall into the Driver category or the Fairway Wood category. Actually, it is a whole new category of fairway metalwood. Smaller, compact head with slightly higher loft, shorter shaft length, easy-to-hit metalwood. It still maintains maximum COR face similar to a larger 460cc driver head. The head weight allows it to be built to shorter club length...43" to 44" plus the smaller head size has more stability and also promotes more ball speed and less spin for more distance. Extremely high moment of inertia which results in accurate ball flight. The sound of the ball off the club face of the 919F/D is truly astounding...a very solid sound.

Wishon 919F/D Fairway Metalwood has all these features:

• Hand select loft angle: +/- 1° loft difference from standard loft angle

• Bendable face angle: +/- 4° closed or open (Exclusive on Wishon Metalwoods)

• Bendable lie angle: +/- 4° upright or flat (Exclusive on Wishon Metalwoods)

• Graduated Roll Technology - a unique vertical face design that produces the same loft angle up and down the face. (Exclusive on Wishon Metalwoods)

Features and Specifications

Right Hand
Head Material: 6/4 Titanium; Face Material: 6/4 Cup Face Titanium
Head Volume: 260cc
Face Roll: Graduated Roll Technology
Face Bulge: 13"
Finish: Black on crown, face & sole; Red trim on side skirt

Loft (+/-1°) Lie (Bend +/- 4°) Face Angle (Bend +/- 4°) Length
14° 58° 43.5"

Wishon S2S Graphite shafts are the finest quality shafts in the world. The Shaft Bend Profile is measured at 7 distinct points on the shaft for the most exact fit. (Exclusive on Wishon S2S Shafts)

Shaft Options

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Customer Reviews

Reviewed by Johann S, 11/15/2014

Hello Gary,

got the F/D yesterday (very fast delivery) and tried it today at a golf game. Had some fantastic shots from the tee and also from the fairway and was very happy with it. It is also very handsome – one of the best clubs I ever bought. Have to thank you for your excellent suggestions for the right fitting.