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If you have never hit balls with Tom Wishon Golf Clubs, you really haven't experienced the feel of hitting the finest, most precise golf clubs in the golf industry. Every aspect of these clubs is designed to help golfers of every skill level to hit the best shots possible. The materials used on each club head and shaft are the highest quality you can buy. The sound and feel of the ball at impact is much more solid than any "big name" golf club company.

There are many more fitting options available on Wishon Golf Clubs than any other "big name" golf company. Loft angle can be hand selected to exactly what you need to get the most out of your game. The lie angle, face angle and weight can be easily achieved (not available on "big name" clubs).

Wishon 919THI Driver

Options Available ONLY on Wishon 919THI Drivers

• Loft Angles: (8° - 16°)
• Graduated Roll Technology: Consistent loft from top to bottom
• Face Angles: 0° Square, 1°- 4° Closed, 1°- 4° Open
• Lie Angles: Standard, 1°- 4° Flat, 1°- 4° Upright
• Club Lengths: 43"- 45"
• Quality Wishon S2S Graphite Shafts