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Condor Custom Golf Clubs....We Fit Our Clubs to Your Swing.

Wishon 919THI Driver

Wishon 919THI - Straightest, Longest, Most Solid Sound Driver in Golf

Options Available ONLY on Wishon 919THI Drivers

• Loft Angles: (8° - 16°)
• Graduated Roll Technology: Consistent loft from top to bottom
• Face Angles: 0° Square, 1°- 4° Closed, 1°- 4° Open
• Lie Angles: Standard, 1°- 4° Flat, 1°- 4° Upright
• Club Lengths: 43"- 45"
• Quality Wishon S2S Graphite Shafts

Sterling Single Length Irons

Wishon Sterling Single Length Irons

• All Clubs are 8-Iron Length, Easiest to Play
• One Stance, One Swing, One Ball Position for Consistency on Every Club
• Loft and Lie Angles Bendable +/- 2°

How far do "average" golfers hit their drives?

Try 219.55 yards. Of course, that number varies by age and handicap.

Golfers from 20 to 29 averaged 238.68, while those from 30 and 39 averaged 231.21 yards, while those between 40 and 49 averaged 220.52 yards.

Players with handicaps of 5 or lower averaged 250.93 yards, with golfers between a 5 and 9 hit it 231.04 yards.

Other "average" distances:

The average 3-wood went 186.89 yards, the 7-iron clocked in at 133.48 yards, with the pitching wedge at 73.97 yards. And for what it’s worth, golfers found the fairway off the tee 46% of the time. What to make of the findings?

"Average golfers" are the ones who benefit the most from custom fit golf clubs.